Senator Gill: “I’m Running for Senate President”


Casting herself as an alternative to the candidacy of state Senator Nick Scutari (D-22), state State Senator Nia Gill (D-34) of Essex County issued the following statement:

“I’m Running for Senate President.

“Today, I announce my candidacy for the office of President of the New Jersey Senate. On Tuesday, the voters spoke, and with their voices, resoundingly rejected the business of politics as usual. This past election resulted in a mandate for change from the voters.

“We must meet that mandate and reestablish transparency and accountability within the Statehouse. This includes ensuring the ability for all Senators to be equally serviced by the staff and resources of the Statehouse. This includes guaranteeing the public has access to all proceedings. This includes giving legislators and the people ample time to review and provide input on proposed legislation before it proceeds for a vote.

“We are at a pivotal moment for the future of the State of New Jersey. This pivotal moment includes
choosing who will be the next Senate President after Senator Sweeney’s departure. As Senate President, I look to lead our chamber in a way that reflects and is responsive to meet our State’s rich diversity of needs.

“As we continue to rebuild our communities and deal with the impacts of COVID-19, we must choose a leader who will heed the voters’ call and meet this moment for change. We must not be tempted by the path of least resistance and perpetuate the same dynamics the voters so clearly rebuked. I understand and have seen what makes the institution of the Senate critical for our future. We must choose a leader with a background and experience that can help meet the needs of our diverse State.

“I am committed to working with each member of the legislature in all forty districts to address the issues raised by the voters and ensure the continued prosperity of our State. We must heal the divisive nature of our politics and move forward, together, for a stronger New Jersey. I am ready to meet this moment with the gravity it demands; I ask for your support.”

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