Senator Weinberg’s 2018 Women’s Power List

Download Senator Weinberg’s 2018 Women’s Power List here.


Many of the powerful women of New Jersey are well known. Others are not. They are the cabinet members who run the large and complex bureaucracies that make up our state government. They are the union leaders who advocate for our workers. They are behind-the-scenes schedulers, office managers, and Chiefs of Staff for some of New Jersey’s leaders. They are the lobbyists and influencers who articulate the many policies of New Jersey’s businesses and non-profits. They are business leaders, healthcare leaders, fundraisers, and political leaders.

But most important, they are advocates for all of us. As this list grows each year, let’s all celebrate their influence and their increasing stature. The “powerful women” of New Jersey make our state a better place.

Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg


Download Senator Weinberg’s 2018 Women’s Power List here or view it below:

Senator Loretta Weinberg's 2018 Women's Power List
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