Serrano Glassner Goes for the Trump Gusto

On the night before Election Day, Christine Serrano Glassner had this message:

“Tomorrow go and vote for the only Pro-Trump candidate running for Senate! Tell your friends and family!”

So, it’s come to that.

A candidate seeking to represent her party on the November Senate ballot sums up her campaign by stressing how “pro-Trump” she is.

Along those lines, Serrano Glassner also is “trumpeting” an endorsement from Vivek Ramaswamy, who many remember from the GOP’s presidential primary circuit. Hard to see how that helps.

On the other side, Curtis Bashaw had the “only” game in mind too when he wrote:

“Head to your local polling site if you have not done so already and cast your vote for the ONLY candidate who can FLIP this Senate seat in November.

I’m grateful for everyone’s support of our campaign. Now, let’s get the job done and set our sights on the prize this November!”

Of more substance perhaps, Bashaw also unveiled an endorsement from state Sen. Mike Testa. Like Bashaw, Testa is from south Jersey.

But of more relevance,  he also was co-chair of the 2020 Trump campaign in New Jersey.

So for whatever it’s worth, not all “Trump people” are with Serrano Glassner.

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4 responses to “Serrano Glassner Goes for the Trump Gusto”

  1. Two fake, phony frauds Bashaw & Testa!

    Christine Serrano Glassner, the ONLY candidate he can count on, and NOT the Whitman, Christie, Palatucci Establishment Bashaw!

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