Shaw Lands Formal Backing of Roselle Democratic Committee


Members of Roselle Democratic Committee Wednesday evening nominated Donald Shaw, the longtime community activist and former Director of Recreation for the Borough of Roselle, as their nominee for Mayor.

“If the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that government efficiency is far more important than any petty difference or personal ego,” said Democratic Chairman current Roselle Mayor Reginald Atkins. “People need a Mayor who they can trust is in it for the right reasons, to promote our public health and keep our community safe. Everyone knows and trusts Donald for good reason – his years of experience in public service and his values as a husband, a father, and a neighbor are exactly what we need.”

“Our local businesses need help, our residents certainly need help, and we need someone who’ll have our backs,” said Ward 2 District 3 committeewoman Carla Walker. “That’s why I’m proud to support Donald for Mayor. We need someone who’ll stop the blame game, but will also fight for our Borough when it comes down to what’s important.”

“I am humbled and honored to have the support of the Democratic Party,” stated Shaw. “But let me tell you a secret:  our neighbors don’t follow parties blindly; they follow leadership. They need us as a party to rise to this occasion. They need us to fight for our share of aid, and for investments in public health. We need to work with our representatives to secure direct assistance from the State as well as Union County. And as we combat the effects of the pandemic in Roselle, I’m going make sure we keep an eye towards building a stronger Roselle. More transparency in how local government operates. Modernizing our services to ensure they are available to residents remotely. Investments in infrastructure equally across the Borough, and open communication with residents and business owners to ensure people are participating in their government.”

“There’s a reason Donald is so well liked,” said Vice-Chair Janna Williams, “He understands the needs of our senior citizens, our kids, and our families in ways no other candidate can. He’s been there for them through good times and bad, so the trust they give him has been earned over the years. That’s why I know he’s the right choice for us.”

“Leadership matters. Donald has worked tirelessly for years to improve the lives of Roselle residents – and not just in popular recreational programing for kids and seniors, but through securing grant funding, managing staff, and designing effective budget models. He has risen above the local political battles to ensure that the citizens of Roselle receive the services they deserve,”  stated Freeholder Andrea Staten. “That’s selfless leadership.”

“I look forward to working with Donald’s campaign and his new leadership for Roselle,” said Senator Joe Cryan. “It’s time to move Roselle forward with a united voice.”

The following is a list of public support for Donald Shaw for Mayor:


The Shaw Family:

Donald and Kim Shaw

Niyala Shaw

Na’im Shaw

Eugenia Sumpter

Raymond and Ditha Thomas

Roselle Democratic Committee members:

Reginald Atkins

Cynthia Atkins

Janna Williams

Carla Walker

Marty Luc

Deborah Wise Taylor

Zakia Muhammad

Samuel Bishop

Donna Eleazer

Vaughn Miller

Melanie Daniels

Freeholder Andrea Staten

Kim Shaw

Donald Shaw

Chris Burgess

Andrea Burgess

George Early

Gina Early


Roselle elected officials:

Mayor Reginald Atkins

Councilwoman Cynthia Johnson

Councilman-elect Richard Villeda

County elected officials:

Andrea Staten, Freeholder (D-Roselle)

Alexander Mirabella, Freeholder (D-Fanwood)

Angela Garretson, Freeholder (D-Hillside)

Chris Hudak, Freeholder (D-Linden)

Rebecca Williams, Freeholder (D-Plainfield)

Bette Jane Kowalski, Freeholder (D-Cranford)

Kimberley Mouded, Freeholder (D-Westfield)

Sergio Granados, Freeholder (D-Elizabeth)

Lourdes Leon, Freeholder candidate (D-Elizabeth)

Roselle State Officials:

Assemblyman Jamel Holley (Roselle, D-20th)

Senator Joseph Cryan (Union Twp, D-20th)

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (Elizabeth, D-20th)

Democratic Party Officials:

Mayor Reginald Atkins, Roselle Democratic Chair

Janna Williams, Roselle Democratic Vice Chair

Nick Scutari, Union County Democratic Chair

Linda Carter, Union County Democratic Vice-Chair

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