Sherrill Bewails GOP Impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas

Today, Representative Mikie Sherrill (D-11) released the following statement following House Republicans’ sham impeachment of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. This vote comes as the second attempt at impeachment in two weeks, after House Republicans previously failed to secure enough votes from their own party to impeach the DHS Secretary.

“After failing to impeach Secretary Mayorkas last week, Washington Republicans once again put Donald Trump’s political agenda ahead of their duty to deliver results for the American people. Our nation is facing challenges across our Southern Border, but instead of taking steps toward bipartisan reform, Washington Republicans caved to MAGA extremists, led by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, and voted for a constitutionally baseless impeachment of DHS Secretary Mayorkas.

“It’s past time that Congress passed comprehensive immigration reform. And this impeachment stunt will only make it harder to fix the real problem Congress must address: our broken immigration system.”

The context, from CNN:

The GOP-led House has voted to impeach Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. He is the first Cabinet secretary to be impeached in nearly 150 years.

The vote tally was 214 to 213. Three Republicans voted with Democrats against the measure.

This comes after House Republicans failed to impeach Mayorkas in a vote last week. The absence of House Majority Leader Steve Scalise, and the surprise attendance by Texas Democrat Al Green, who had just had surgery and was wheeled into the chamber to vote, denied Republicans the votes to pass when it came up previously.

House Republicans claim Mayorkas has committed high crimes and misdemeanors for his handling of the southern border, even though several constitutional experts have said the evidence does not reach that high bar.

The impeachment effort comes as House Republicans have faced building pressure from their base to hold the Biden administration accountable on a key campaign issue: the border.

What happens next: It is highly unlikely that Mayorkas will be charged in the Democratic-controlled Senate. Senate Democrats are still weighing how to respond on Mayorkas’ impeachment: to Move ahead with a trial, or move to dismiss it quickly given their view that it’s blatantly political.


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One response to “Sherrill Bewails GOP Impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas”

  1. When democrats refer to immigration reform they really intend to spend taxpayer money to process, aid and legalize people coming in to the country illegally. They are illegal immigrants. Nothing more. Talk of immigration reform never addresses real border security or prevention of illegal entry. Sherrill is a liar.

    HR 2 was passed by the US House of Representatives in March. It provides real border defense of US territory. Sherrill knows this.

    The Bill has been sitting in Senate limbo as Democrat Senate leader Schumer has refused to bring this to the Senate floor for a vote.

    Sherrill doesn’t mention this. She will not call out fellow democrats. She does not sincerely want to prevent illegal entry in to the country. Sherrill is one phony, lying politician.

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