Sherrill Denounces Tuberville’s ‘Dangerous’ Obstructionism

Today, Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill – a Navy veteran and member of the House Armed Services Committee – released the following statement on Senator Tommy Tuberville’s holds on military promotions:

“Senator Tuberville’s dangerous, blanket obstruction of more than 400 military promotions has already jeopardized our national security and inflicted lasting damage to our nation’s military personnel and their families – all to stubbornly advance an extreme, anti-abortion agenda. For nearly a year, the disrespect shown to those who serve our country and their families has been brazenly un-American. Senator Tuberville’s ‘new strategy’ is ridiculous: He is going to lift holds on all admirals and generals except at the very highest, most critical level. The men and women who serve in four-star roles are commanders and leaders at the forefront of our national defense, and it is absolutely unconscionable for Senator Tuberville – who represents a four-star command himself – to place his own political interests above our national security. That’s why Congress should immediately pass my bill to codify the Department of Defense’s abortion travel policy for servicewomen who risk their lives to defend our freedom.”

This year, Sherrill introduced the Access to Reproductive Care for Servicemembers Act to protect servicewomen and military family members’ access to reproductive health care, regardless of the state they are stationed. Currently, nearly 50% of servicemembers are stationed in a state with extremely limited or no access to abortion. Sherrill’s legislation would codify portions of current Department of Defense policy, which guarantees military leave and travel cost reimbursements for service members forced to travel out of state to receive reproductive health care.

During House consideration of the National Defense Authorization Act, she fought tirelessly for her amendment that would’ve codified the current DoD abortion travel policy. The Republican Majority rejected it and instead chose to advance Rep. Ronny Jackson’s amendment that does the opposite. Sherrill argued adamantly against this policy and led the floor debate in opposition of the amendment.

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6 responses to “Sherrill Denounces Tuberville’s ‘Dangerous’ Obstructionism”

  1. Sherrill spends time on so called reproductive care for service members all to often. Our military do a not exist to debate the abortion issue. It exists to protect and fight for America, period.

    if anyone has jeopardized our national security and inflicted lasting damage to our nation’s military it is Joe Biden and his liberal followers, of which Sherrill is one.

    We have threats from China, Russia Muslims Terrorists N. Korea. We have an invasion at our borders. And this is all Sherrill can spend time on? Really?

  2. You say the military exists to protect and fight for America. Does that not include the health and well-being of our personnel involved? This is the fallout from USSC striking down Roe v Wade, having to travel for care as a result. It’s impossible for me to comprehend, where men feel free to dictate a woman’s choice. Somehow knowing what’s best. That argument never appeased my daughters

  3. You say the military exists to protect n fight for America. Does that not include the health and well being of the personnel involved? This is the fallout from The USSC striking down Roe v Wade, having to travel for care as a result. I’m unable to grasp the mentality of men dictating the healthcare for women. As if they somehow know better than women. That argument never appeased my daughters

  4. Is our military there to be ready at a moment’s notice to defend us, or are they there to engage in sex and then get an abortion if things go wrong?

  5. Mr. Yuhas, you’re missing my point. I’m referring to Sherrill’s obsession with abortion. First, abortion is not healthcare. Pregnancy care is.

    The issue here is abortion for military personnel and the access to abortion is available. The states now have the authority to pass abortion legislation. No one is taking this away.

    Personally, just my opinion, abortion should be available under certain circumstances, that being a threat to the mother’s life, rape, incest, fetal abnormalities. I see nothing wrong with some time limits such as 20 weeks, which is ample time to decide upon an abortion.

    However, I don’t believe this should be taxpayer funded unless under the circumstances above. Other than this, it is elective.

    To the original point of my post, Sherrill votes in lock step what liberals over border security which is clearly a threat to national security. She is a sanctuary state advocate. Don’t tell me she is strong on addressing national security..

    She is idle when Biden fails to respond to attacks on troops in Syria and Iraq. She is idle when Biden displays weakness in the wake of threats from China, Russia, Iran, N. Korea. Again, she is not strong on national security.
    She talks the game.

  6. Mr. Yuhas misses the point completely. The military is not a social experiment for abortion, the LGBTQ+ tyranny, or the DEI tyranny. The military says, if you’re qualified, whether or not you subscribe to idiotic left-wing idolatry, we will use you to fight our wars and battles. Abortion is a lifestyle choice. It’s not a constitutional right.

    Israel doesn’t have a problem with abortion rights with all of the women they have in the military (every man and woman who is of age, MUST SERVE in the Israeli military for at least 2 yrs, and are on lifetime recall).

    We should be doing that in the United States with all men and women who graduate from high school, making it 6 years in the military if you’re an illegal immigrant that wants to be a U.S. citizen, or you want your college debt paid off.

    And, Mikie Sherrill should shut her pie-hole and secure our southern and northern borders from illegal enemies invading our country. They already have nailed over 300 on the terrorist watch list and probably missed a thousand more. They just stopped dozens of young Chinese male nationals at the southern border carrying high-end suitcases (what for? Nuke parts?). Maybe Sherrill should keep her eye on the border before she has the enemy in her own backyard.

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