Sherrill Tag Teams with Altman on the Anniversary of Dobbs Decision

RAHWAY – Mikie Sherrill needs Sue Altman with her in Washington.

“I am here trying to get Sue Altman into Congress,” Sherrill said during a spirited rally Monday outside the city train station.

There was nothing coincidental about the rally. Today, June 24, is the two-year anniversary of the overturning of Roe v. Wade by the U.S.

Supreme Court.

The gist of the rally was for Sherrill and Altman to stress their support for women’s reproductive rights and to warn darkly about a nationwide abortion ban – and related draconian measures – if Republicans gain control of Congress and Donald Trump wins the presidency.

Sherrill is from CD-11, which has become much more Democratic after redistricting; she won in 2022 with nearly 60 percent of the vote.

The race in CD-7, which covers at least parts of six counties in central and western Jersey, is quite a different story.

Altman is challenging incumbent Rep. Thomas H. Kean Jr., who was first elected in 2022. The district has about 18,000 more registered Republicans than Democrats.

The fact that Democrats support abortion rights is hardly a secret.

The party has made this a signature issue – with good success – since the 2022 court decision.

Sherrill said it’s still important to raise the issue, because some may not know how dire things are, or can get.

Abortion rights are protected in New Jersey, but the story is different elsewhere.

Sherrill expressed concern with women military members stationed in states – Texas is one glaring example – where they would be denied abortion rights.

Both Sherrill and Altman said they’re convinced that right wing Republicans would institute a national ban on abortion if they had the power to do it.

Altman noted that Speaker Mike Johnson, one of the more conservative Republicans in Washington, was in CD-7 a few months ago for a Kean fundraiser.

“There is no evidence that Tom Kean Jr. will fight back against a national abortion ban,” she said.

Sherrill said there are also rumblings on the far right about stricter limits on personal behavior, including trying to curtail in-vitro fertilization and contraception.

Whether any such action surfaces is beyond the point – just the mention of it gives Democrats, especially in “blue” states, great campaign ammunition.

Rahway, the location for the event, is a welcoming locale for Democrats. In 2022, Kean lost the city to then-incumbent Tom Malinowski by 5,704 to 2,066.

With that in mind, perhaps, Altman expressed confidence that she will make Kean Jr. a “one-term congressman.”

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3 responses to “Sherrill Tag Teams with Altman on the Anniversary of Dobbs Decision”

  1. “There is no evidence that Tom Kean Jr. will fight back against a national abortion ban,” Altman said. In fact, there’s no evidence he will do anything that Donald Trump and Mike Johnson ask of him.

  2. Another gaslighting statement. The majority of Americans are in favor of abortion but want some restrictions. Most civilized countries around the world have limitations, 12-15 weeks and with exceptions. Here in the United States, some pushed the pendulum to a free for all status, wanting no restrictions, having no accountability. Then the politicians sweep in and make it sound like all reproductive rights will be taken away. Abortion is a very personal matter and has no place in politics, but is continual there because it is an easy topic to garnish votes, particularly the woman vote. The Supreme Court ruled recently, complete access to the abortion pill. And even with bans, there have been more abortions post Dobbs.

  3. We don’t need anymore Democrat-Communists like Sherrill in Congress. Sherrill voted 100% with the Biden Racketeering Crime Administration and the rest of the Democrat-Communists in Congress. Sherrill is no friend of CD-11. She is not representing anyone in the CD-11. She is representing herself. Hence, the reason she is not campaigning in her own district and answering the pertinent questions, but campaigning for Altman in CD-7, on the single issue of abortion, e.g., murder of babies. Sherrill has never helped anyone in CD-11 with reducing the federal budget, cutting income taxes in half (to reduce the debt & deficit caused by wild-eyed, maniacal spending by Democrats that has brought us to the precipice of financial ruin), allowing illegal alien parasites and terrorists into this country through the Democrat-Communist open-border agenda, and has involved us in several wars in the Mideast, Ukraine, Taiwan, Africa, Israel.

    Voters need to take out Sherrill because Sherrill has done nothing for her constituency in CD-11. She needs to be replaced come November 2024.

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