Sherrill v. Webber at the Polls and in the Rain

It was foggy, but not raining in Morris Plains Township Tuesday morning when a small group of reporters spotted a number of people approaching the polling place at the Morris Plains Community Center from a distance.

That was District 11 congressional candidate Jay Webber, his wife, Johanna, and some of his seven children.

It may have seemed a bit quaint to reach a suburban polling place on foot, but Webber explained that he lives nearby.

“I feel good,” he said with a smile before entering the polling place.

Good enough that he had time to joke with John Wilson, a senior citizen sitting on an outside bench. Wilson, who was sporting a Penn State windbreaker, said he was all in for Webber.

Wilson had gotten a ride to the polls, but was waiting for a ride home.

Webber joked that campaigns often give people rides to the polls, but after that, they’re on their own.

Webber then went in and voted.

And, yes, Wilson eventually got a ride home.

About 20 miles or so away in Montclair, it was raining steadily as Democrat Mikie Sherrill alighted from her car and entered the Northeast Elementary School to cast her ballot shortly after 10 a.m.

For what it’s worth, there was more of a media contingent to see Sherrill than there was for Webber.

“We’ve done our work,” she said afterwards. :We’ve been around the district for the last year.”

Election Day or not, both candidates plan to keep campaigning.

Webber has some diner stops scheduled; Sherrill will encourage canvassers one last time.

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