Small: Callaway’s Work for Van Drew Should Finish Him with Democrats

Mayor Small of Atlantic City.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small said Craig Callaway’s work for Republican U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew should remind Democrats to sever all ties with the local Democratic Party operative.

“The fact that he’s backing a Republican with close ties to Donald Trump as the Republican Party runs amok everywhere should be the proverbial nail in Callaway’s political coffin,” said Small, a longtime antagonist of the operative. “It’s par for the course. It’s the Callaway way. He’s for you and the next breath he’s against you. He constantly sells his soul for money.”

Callaway preys on the weak, said the mayor, and detests strong and well-educated individuals who resist him, which is why the two men don’t get along, the mayor noted.

“Unless this guy puts a battery in someone’s back, he’s unhappy. Just look at the history,” said Small, who referred to Callaway’s propensity to serve the highest bidder, regardless of party. “This is a guy who when he was a councilman he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.”

The mayor said he trusts Democrats will remember Callaway’s treachery come 2021.

The operative worked in the Democratic Primary for Democrat Amy Kennedy. But Republican incumbent congressman Van Drew’s FEC report shows the link to the longtime Atlantic City Democratic Party operative, whose sister Gwen chairs the local Democratic Party.

The report shows a September 9th payment in the amount of $50,000 distributed to the mailing address of 500 Wabash Avenue.


GOTV consulting.

The known resident of that address is Callaway.

What the payment proves is the GOTV expert Callaway’s decision to play for both teams in this oddball, COVID-19-ravaged 2020 election cycle – first for Kennedy in the Democratic Primary when the organization chaired by his sister, the Atlantic City Democratic Committee – threw a critical early endorsement to Kennedy. Then in the general, after apparently colliding with the Kennedy campaign, he apparently fulfilled work for Van Drew, a former Democrat turned Republican, who is keen on harvesting votes in Atlantic County, where Kennedy expects to score big to off-set her rival’s strength in Cape May and points southwest.

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