Small to Endorse Republican Guardian Over Fellow Democrat Gilliam in Atlantic City

Small, Sr.

They teamed up on state takeover, and now Atlantic City Republican Mayor Don Guardian Democratic and Councilman Marty Small are again going shoulder to shoulder into a political war, as Small will endorse Guardian for reelection.

Small lost a ugly, bruising Democratic Primary to Councilman Frank Gilliam.

Now, Small intends to rub in his disaffection with the party nominee by backing Republican Guardian.


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  • Warren Massey

    Marty Small is doing the right thing , Frank Gilliam may be a democrat , but that’s all he is . He lacks credibility and character and when he opens his mouth , he can’t help but lie . Don Guardian deserves the next four years , he earned it with the battles he’s had to endure with Christie and the Takeover , which Don Guardian fought very hard against , Gilliam was in favor of the Takeover then bankruptcy , couldn’t make up his mind or shall I say, Norcross couldn’t make up his mind for him , but he has every intention of taking over his mind if he were to be elected , he bought him ( Gilliam ) .

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