Source: Back to Harris

Vice President Kamala Harris.

Another day, another torture chamber with the words “We finally beat Medicare” circling the drain of the mind and dragging more than just the day.

What, then?

The country.


Haggard, harried, depressed, but still motivated to find a way out of the mess, a party source begged, “Please give it time,” as if someone or something would get to President Joe Biden by the end of the week and persuade him to exit the contest.

But what’s the alternative, InsiderNJ prodded.

“Kamala,” the source muttered. “It’s got to be… Kamala.”

As in Vice President Kamala Harris.

MSNBC’s Steve Kornacki had just finished explaining how Harris has worse numbers than Biden, even post-debate.

But party leaders fretted over the optics of offloading Biden and Harris, alert to the injustice of the president’s debate performance likewise burying his number two.

“It’s sensitive. Maybe. She. Can. Beat. Him,” the source said, referring, of course to President Donald J. Trump, within the hothouse of party agita in the aftermath of Biden’s blundering performance.

Another poll shows Harris “within striking distance” of the Republican nominee for president.

“The poll… finds 47% of registered voters support Trump, 45% Harris, a result within the margin of error that suggests there is no clear leader under such a scenario. Harris’ slightly stronger showing against Trump rests at least in part on broader support from women (50% of female voters back Harris over Trump vs. 44% for Biden against Trump) and independents (43% Harris vs. 34% Biden).”

If wasn’t going to be Biden, it would have to be Harris, the source repeated.

Too tough to turn around the aircraft carrier of state with someone else at the controls.

“This is about Trump, not Biden,” the source tried only partially hopefully, because more oxygen had just gone out of the room, with the Supreme Court’s decision this week granting Trump partial immunity from special counsel Jack Smith’s election subversion case.

In another words, another big win for Trump.

From CNN:

“Though the 6-3 ruling technically allows Smith to inch the prosecution toward resolution, the majority opinion from Chief Justice John Roberts left many technical questions unresolved – making it increasingly unlikely that a trial can get underway before the November election.”

The trial ballons showed more variety than thought ballons scrawled with the same three words from hell, though Harris emerged at the end of the day as the most likely replacement if Biden bowed.

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6 responses to “Source: Back to Harris”

  1. Polls should be taken with Harris and various running mates. Buttigieg would bring in critical MI and WI and is a much better speaker, also runs a better campaign and is well known. She may not fare as well with other running mates.

  2. Idk why people are whining about her primary results in a crowded contest. Biden was different then. She was different then. And people will vote for ANY competitor Dem because overt fascism is pounding on the door.
    It’s a completely different set of circumstances even more urgent than in 2020.

  3. D seems unlikely but only way to make a change is for president to step down and let Harris run as the incumbent.

  4. This is a make or break week for Our Democracy. Unless God Almighty tells Our President to step aside, The ONLY way we can effect positive change at the top of the Ticket is to inform ALL DEMOCRATIC POLITICIANS WE SUPPORT THAT WE ARE COLLECTIVELY ON STRIKE FROM CONTINUING TO SUPPORT THEM UNTIL JOE BIDEN IS EITHER:
    Convinced by our most important luminaries
    Shown the door by VP Harris via Section 4 of the 25th Ammendment.

    SFC(retired) Patrick R. Cullen, Jr.
    2020 NJ Alternate District Delegate
    Joe Biden

  5. Yes we must save democracy
    The only way to do it is by setting up 4 coordinated trials to put our political opponent in jail , and then since we may lose the election anyway we must get the person millions of Democrats vote for out off office.
    Yes we must save democracy .

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