Source: Guidetti in the Conversation for Bergen Sheriff

Raymond Guidetti, lieutenant colonel with the New Jersey State Police, floated for the office of Bergen County sheriff in the aftermath of Mike Saudino’s exit on Friday.

One of many potential replacements, a Democratic source told InsiderNJ, loath to say the deal was close to done.

By evening’s end Sunday, two more names emerged: Tom Padilla, former Hackensack Police Department captain; and Leo McGuire, former sheriff. Bergen Public Safety Director Ralph Rivera, Jr. was also said to have allies for the position. It was fluid with time ticking down, but Guidetti was said to have some strong advocates.

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  1. Seriously? Guidetti was an advocate of racial profiling then put lipstick on it and called it intelligence-led policing. Bergen County is trying to heal, not make matters worse!

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