Source: Mercer Clerk Sollami-Covello Eyeballs LD15

Following a report by Politico today today that LD 15 Assemblywoman Liz Muoio will be Gov-elect Phil Murphy choice for State Treasurer, Mercer County Clerk Paula Sollami-Covello is said to be weighing getting into the special convention to fill the seat.

The daughter of former Mercer County Freeholder (Paul Sollami [1970 – 1991]), Sollami-Covello is “keeping her options open,” a source told InsiderNJ.

She’s district branded, the source noted, having grown up in Ewing and now living in Lawrence.

In each of her three elections as County Clerk (’05, ’10, ’15), Sollami-Covello has gotten over 65% of the vote in the LD 15 part of the county.

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