Source: No Space for Parker at McPherson-Mahr Event; McHose Says it Didn’t Happen

ATLANTIC CITY – He showed up with olive branch intentions and instead got the door.

That’s what happened when Assemblyman Parker Space (R-24) – sporting a baseball cap – went to the Bernadette McPherson/Colleen Mahr event at the Irish Pub.

“He was asked to leave,” a source told InsiderNJ. “I definitely saw him there and I am reliably informed he was asked to leave.”

Democrats tried to blow Space into a continually debilitating story earlier this year when he burnished a photo of himself in front of a Confederate Flag at a Hank Williams, Jr. concert.

A second source told InsiderNJ that the powers that be asked him to leave not because he posed with the flag, but because they thought he was a guy mooching free booze. Former Assemblywoman Alison Littell McHose told InsiderNJ that no one asked Space to leave. She was with him and it didn’t happen, she said.


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4 responses to “Source: No Space for Parker at McPherson-Mahr Event; McHose Says it Didn’t Happen”

  1. Parker Space is an embarrassment. His juvenile antics are ridiculous. As a Sussex County Freeholder his failure to ensure proper oversight over the Sussex County Solar Swindle burdened his community with more than $26,000,000.00 of debt, jacking up property taxes that are already far too high. He and his political allies hold onto their power by constantly spreading fear within their community, fear that their way of life is in danger. Parker’s wife, Jill, has a history of attacking their political opponents by filing complaints against them with their employers. The Spaces pretend they are struggling farmers when they are actually wealthy operators of an inherited roadside attraction they call a “zoo.” Parker Space has never had to apply for a job in his life. They are the wealthy elite in Sussex County. Parker’s voting record is reprehensible. The Space regime must be taken down!

    • Kenny, it’s a shame you don’t get paid for bashing Parker and his Family because at this point you’d be a millionaire. Oh wait, you cannot hold down a job because of your rotten attitude toward the general public. So that leaves you an unemployed, Space Family stalker.

  2. ” they thought he was a guy mooching free booze”. That sounds like our Assemblyman all right. No class at all.

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