Source: Stewart Maer Mulling Challenge of Chris Smith in 2018

Veteran Democratic Party operative Kelly Stewart Maer is looking hard at a 2018 challenge of U.S. Rep. Chris Smith (R-4), a source tells InsiderNJ.

The 64-year old Smith of Hamilton has held office in the district since 1981, and today drew a crowd of protesters to his Spring Lake fundraiser demanding his presence at a town hall.

He hasn’t held one in over 20 years.

Stewart Maer heads up state and federal government affairs for Capital Health Systems, and last year served as the New Jersey point person for the Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign.

She is married to Bill Maer of Public Strategies Impact and the couple reside with their daughter in Manasquan.

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  • Ken Bank

    She would have to face Jim Keady, who has officially announced, in a primary next year, and possibly Lorna Phillipson as well who is also considering running again.

    • Jim Granelli

      Good luck with that to both of them. CD4 is a reliably strong Republican District.

      • Jim Tobias

        keep repeating your mantra, grasshopper.

        • Jim Granelli

          Ain’t gonna happen.

  • Bill Robinson

    Would love to see Kelly get in. The way it is going 2018 may be the year the Smith can be beat.

    • Jim Granelli

      Sure, and I have a bridge to sell you

      • Jim Tobias

        Careful, Jim — that may be public property. You’re not in Trump’s cabinet yet, you know.

        • Jim Granelli

          As I have said elsewhere, most people know I was not in favor of Trump. But he is my President as well as yours now.

    • Jim Tobias

      Definitely a good Dem opportunity next year, with Dolt 45 pulling down the GOP everywhere.

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