VIDEO: Protesters Raise Hell Outside Chris Smith’s Breakers Fundraiser

While Rep. Chris Smith (R-4) held a fundraiser inside, protesters lined the sidewalk in front of the Breakers in Spring Lake earlier today, voicing their irritation over what they say is Smith’s inaccessibility.

The dean of the New Jersey Congressional delegation, Smith has not held a town hall in 25 years, the protesters noted.

They invited him to their own event scheduled for April 19th, where apparently he’ll have the chance to make good, or at least explain himself.

Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon (R-13) and Freeholder Lillian Burry could be glimpsed going into the Smith event, as 200 people protested outside.

Please watch the movie of the protest by clicking the link below:


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73 responses to “VIDEO: Protesters Raise Hell Outside Chris Smith’s Breakers Fundraiser”

  1. Could you please elaborate on what anti-Trump slogans you heard? I was a part of this protest and the chants I participated in were:

    “This is what democracy looks like”
    “What do we want/town hall/when do we want it?/April 19th!”
    “Paid speech inside/free speech outside”
    “Where is Chris Smith?/Hiding!”
    “We are the real 4th District”
    “Women’s rights are human rights”

    I didn’t hear a word about Trump.

    • “Paid speech inside/free speech outside???” How silly is that line. Are you are saying that people can not make a donation to the candidate of their choice? Will you then call for ALL Democrat candidates to not ask for people to pay to come to their events? A bit hypocritical, eh?

      • In this case, yes, people were not able to make a donation to the candidate. The point was that two individuals bought tickets to this event and had their donation refunded because the Congressman didn’t want to meet with them.

          • Aw, poor snowflakes. You define disruption as a strongly worded question. Point to the kind of disruption you mean, give us an example or a video. Were you at either of Lance’s town halls?

  2. I was also there and the only chants I heard where about Chris Smith, his living in Virginia, and his inaccessibility.

    • I wonder how many Democrat Members Of Congress have living arrangements near the Capitol instead of going back home every weekend? Chris comes home every weekend.

        • Stop implying that I am lying. If you have actual proof his permanent residence is in Virginia, bring it. Otherwise you are just trying to smear without proof. I have been told he comes home every weekend. That’s enough for me. Now, see my last main post above. Enjoy your life, stop hating and we’ll see what happens in 2018. I’m moving on to other important stuff. Don’t waste another keystroke. I won’t be responding.

          • Don’t sugarcoat your surrender. You’ve got nothing on either the town hall issue or Smith’s absentee status. I pointed to an article about his absentee status — his kids have always lived in Virginia and pay in-state tuition there. He has a small apartment in Robbinsville. The article states that Smith admitted this reality as a price his constituents had to pay. The reality is, he’s a carpetbagger whose funding comes from out-of-state extremists in the anti-choice movement.

            Who told you he comes home every weekend? That person lied to you, and you repeated it without checking. They call that propaganda or fake news, Jim. Will you out the person who lied to you so that we can restore respect for truth in our political discourse? I hope so.

      • No, I’m insisting upon accurate reporting. And clearly their editorial team agreed since they corrected their account of this event. I thought preventing fake news was important to Trump supporters? The original article said (paraphrased) “many of whom were chanting anti-Trump slogans.” If you’re incapable of recognizing the difference between a few people holding signs and the implication that the crowd was chanting anti-Trump slogans then there’s not much point in engaging with you.

        Dissent is patriotic. Holding our elected officials to account is a bedrock cornerstone of our democracy. We broke no laws, defaced no property, and did nothing worse than evidently offend your sense of propriety.

        • Cursing at female staffers on the phone, and intimidating them at Congressional offices is not patriotic. THAT offends my sense of propriety. How about publicly denouncing that kind of stuff, eh?

          • I certainly disapprove of that kind of rude behavior, if my statement counts for you. I believe I would have stepped in if I had seen it occurring. Can you agree that it’s rude for the Congressman not to respond to repeated requests for town halls? Not to just give us a gracious refusal, but to not answer in any way, and then to intimate that we were misleading the public by having our own town hall, to which he was invited? And to call for an investigation into how all these protests were being organized? Smith has brought more dishonor onto his role as Congressman than we have onto our roles as constituents.

            Remember that there is no right to be free from rudeness, but there is a right to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

          • It’s rude for participants to disrupt town halls as the left has done since Trump was elected, because the left is in disbelief that Trump won. They can’t handle it. And it is right for the Congressmen to protect participants from such behavior. Dishonor? You know not what you are talking about. Having known Chris for many years before I became deeply involved in politics, I know him to be one of the most honorable man around. You would be surprised if you actually looked deeply at his record and found out how many things he has done that would suit many on the left.

          • Hey Jim — 90% of this year’s town halls with Republican MoCs around the country simply wouldn’t have happened were it not for us. 100% of the ones in NJ. Fact.

          • Yes, I believe he dishonored his office by refusing to even answer his constituents request. I’m not saying anything else about his personal sense of honor. It’s his role as Congressman I care about, and by not responding to his constituents — long before there was any of the behavior that so upsets you — he has not shown the kind of devotion to democracy we have a right to expect.

            As far as our motivation, it’s no more or less than politics as it’s always been done. When something happens you don’t like, you are free to respond and in fact encouraged to do so by our system. Hard to believe you have a position in the Republican Party without understanding the action-reaction principle.

          • I’ll respond one more time because obviously you haven’t seen my last two posts. Again, you infer that I don’t know what’s going on. But let me rephrase this. I have no problem with free speech, and activity to redress grievances. It’s the hate from the left that I have a problem with. It’s the disruption of a Congressman’s office and the disruption of town halls that are occurring all across the country that I have a problem with. There is NO WAY your group can guarantee that such wouldn’t happen at a town hall Smith might hold. My evidence of that? The attempt by someone, perhaps from your group or not; to infiltrate the Brunch. There is a time for things, that was not the time to pull stunts like that. Someone here tried to insult my intelligence suggesting that they just wanted to make a donation. I came from sales, I can smell bull crap a mile away.. People attending have supported Chris for a long time. They shouldn’t have to put up with behavior like that. At town halls, people come for good reasons; they shouldn’t be inconvenienced by bad behavior, they shouldn’t feel afraid of bad things happening and you can not guarantee they won’t. Who knows what person might infiltrate. Now again, END OF STORY, I’ve got more productive things to do. And if you want to continue harping on my position as Neptune Republican Chair, I feel encumbered to tear the Neptune Democrats a new one for abandoning their constituents on so many issues. Trust me.You won’t want to hear that. Now, have a nice day, enjoy your life and we’ll see what happens in 2018. Till then, don’t waste another keystroke.

          • No, you don’t automatically get the last word, Jim. Not how it works. ‘Infiltrate’ is such a BS word. Was it a public event, open to anyone who offered the right amount of money, or not? Look at the invitations: they said NOTHING about any o-so-delicate requirements for attending. He’s a public figure, I’m sure he knows to expect to be responded to in public, and not always positively. Why are you making believe you are ignorant of it? Did everyone who attended have to agree with everything the Congressman said? Was there any lobbying going on, any politicking? Did someone looking for a simple favor ‘infiltrate’ the brunch? Of course not. I don’t know why you’re pretending to be naive here, but your attempt to score points is transparent and infantile. You know very well that all kinds of security arrangements are possible for a Congressman to arrange when he’s out in public.

            So ironic that you’re talking about safe spaces, not only for the Congressman, but for his donors. What a bunch of pantswetting hypocrites you are.

  3. “Raised hell?” Really? Strong, firm, determined, but raising hell? Seems a bit of an exaggeration.

      • Persisted? That’s rich. 80% of them left after attendees arrived. These protesters changed no minds. All they were doing was trying to attract attention for the media which gladly gives it to them.

        • Mr. Granelli, I hesitate to even engage with someone who is clearly so antagonistic towards our group, but I really must correct this misconception. I was the primary organizer of this event and I, personally, told the crowd to disperse at 11:30, because many of my dedicated volunteers are senior citizens who braved the cold and the wind to make their voices heard. I will not have you disparage their persistence, because unlike folks who would hide behind keyboards, they showed up yesterday. The classy and responsible thing to do would be to delete or amend your post above. I guess we’ll see what kind of person you are.

          • I will not have people associated with people who curse at female staffers and intimidate them at their office intimidate and bully me into taking down a post.

          • If you find me intimidating, that reveals far more about your insecurity than my tone. I have made repeated efforts to verify that the individuals associated with the impolite behavior displayed towards the staffers in the Freehold Constituent Services center are not associated with my group. You may verify these efforts with Jo Schloder, who heads up that office, but I also have them recorded. I’ll even visit the office with you so that we can all chat about it together. However, this would require you proving yourself to be a classy and responsible person, and so far that’s not going so well.

          • Stop with the personal crap assuming that I am insecure, not classy or not responsible. It just makes you look silly and desperate to try and minimize me. Rousseau has a quote for that. ” Insults are the arguments employed by those who are in the wrong.” Now, if your group is NOT associated with the stuff going on at the offices, publicly denounce that kind of action. But I will bet that they are the same kind of people supporting your efforts. Agree to publicly denounce that crap with something in the media or don’t bother responding. If you don’t denounce it, it means you tacitly support it. My bet is that you won’t do so because if you did, the rabble will turn on you.

          • I have publicly denounced those actions and made it clear that none of the organizers in my group would ever condone such behavior. Congressman Smith, however, has not spoken out to condone the obvious falsehoods that were spoken about my group as being paid protestors and paid agitators. If anyone is delinquent in making a statement setting the record straight, it is Representative Smith.

          • I call them what they are. Because NOBODY from our side acted like this after Obama was elected.

          • Why are you referring to “them” in the third person? I have already identified myself as the organizer of this event, so if you believe me to be a snowflake, then you should call should have written, “I will call YOU what YOU are.”

            I am not sure how you have gone so wildly off-topic to get all the way back to 2008 election when we are talking about a currently in-office representative in 2017, but perhaps you have forgotten the “patriots” who burned President Obama in effigy.

          • Oh stop. Just stop being so silly. I go back to the 2008 election because this didn’t happen then. Most of America accepted the results. It didn’t happen when Bush was elected. This is modern day liberalism. Again, ALL MEN ARE FLAWED. you can not stop idiots from being idiots and burning people in effigy as they have done for hundreds of years. But this behavior in 2017 is far more virulent than that.

          • Yes, you cannot stop idiots from being idiots, which is pretty much how I’ve summed up my feelings about my car being keyed outside the Breakers yesterday. (Is that some time-honored tradition that I need to educate myself on too?) Now, there’s no way to know for sure who did this, but the only other people near my car on the sidewalk besides my own group (unlikely suspects, I think we can agree) were the attendees of the brunch who had parked along Newark, as well as one young “gentleman” who took it upon himself to counter-protest, as is his right, film me and call me a feminazi, as is his right, and lean against my car, which was not his right, and the helpful members Spring Lake PD who removed him from my vehicle agreed. While I heard a great share of virulent stuff from the young “gentleman,” it pales in comparison to what I’ve received from some of the other internet commenters who hurl the word “snowflake” like an insult. So yes, I concur that lately, the virulent behavior has been kicked up a notch. I’m glad we can find some agreement here.
            Our group is not violent, but we are persistent and we are organized and we are focused and yes, sometimes, we are loud. We want a town hall. If peaceful behavior has been the overwhelming norm until now, as you imply, then it would seem that Smith has little excuse for the previous 2 decades of negligence. Another point of agreement between us, trying to minimize someone’s comments or make them seem worthless is inappropriate, although I find it hard to understand how I accomplished that simply by asking you to amend after being presented with facts. To me, exaggerating the poor behavior of an as-yet-unverified individual as an excuse to discredit our very real concerns is exactly the kind of minimizing and devaluing Smith is engaged in.
            And now, good day to you, sir. I shan’t bother with you anymore, especially since you have some reading to do, if you would quote Rousseau but denounce liberalism and participatory democracy. Perhaps you’ll find Locke or Hobbes more your speed.

          • Just had to close with the politics of personal destruction eh? I win, you lose when you go to the gutter like that. Thank you very much.

          • Make a note, everyone. The best way to personally destroy Jim is to recommend that he read. News you can use!

          • How so? How more virulent than the birther movement, than the signs defacing Obama, than the rumors about Hillary having murdered Vince Foster, than the mania about expropriating people’s guns, than Jade Helm, than Alex Jones and now Breitbart not as media allies but as deeply integrated strategic advisors?

            I ask you to watch both Lance town hall videos and tell me where you get frightened. Your position is laughable.

          • Are you kidding? Were you not at the Pallone Tea Party town hall? It was a zoo from beginning to end. You never saw the racist signs, the constant attempts to delegitimize him? The birther movement? Your statement is ridiculous on its face.

          • Yes, I was. At both of them. And the were both civil. But one kook behind me in line actually got convicted of saying to my friend that he had a bomb in his briefcase. I was glad to help convict him. I don’t remember seeing racist signs (keeping in mind that racism to a liberal is different to real racism) but I did see a hell of a lot of union signs there, I wonder if they got paid to be there.Did I say I agreed with the Birther movement or mention it? No, but you are trying to distract. But I continue to see the politics of personal destruction employed by all here. By the way, talk about feeling intimidated, if you guys can’t handle the word snowflake, you folks are the ones feeling intimidated. I can tell because you are all piling on with comments actually demeaning someone.

          • Wow, you feel intimidated and bullied by someone making a request? Pretty snowflaky for a guy who is the Neptune Township Republican Organization Chairman.

          • TO REPEAT: You don’t even know me and you are taking words out of context.
            Typical liberalism. Destroy the person (calling him insecure) rather
            than defeat the argument. For the last time, I said “it was an attempt
            to bully me” out of the conversation, It was an ATTEMPT, and since I am
            still here, it was unsuccessful. This, I guess I am not insecure, eh?
            Now, I’m retired, don’t you all have day jobs? And I assure you, anyone can tell you that I am FAR from a snowflake as far as my position as Chairman. Again, you have no clue about me. You continue to assume and make an ass out of yourself.

          • The conversation and thread is about Mr. Smith. Not you, although you are trying hard. Keep telling me/us how secure and smart you are. Only ass here is you. Have a great day!

          • Hey, YOU folks are the ones assuming I am insecure. I have a right to defend myself against such bull. I didn’t bring insecurity up, YOUR ilk did. AGAIN FOR THE 5TH TIME TODAY My Comments : For the last time, I said someones words were ” an attempt to bully me” out of the conversation,,” and it failed. But obviously, you didn’t bother to read that and thus are trying to twist the words into an attack on me. I was just responding to someone. But I guess that’s how liberals like yourself like to operate.

          • No one is assuming anything. We read your initial posts and responded in kind. You did yourself no favors there, believe me. You might want to go back and re-think the timeline.

          • Your interpretation there Jim. Your interpretation. Now, don’t you have a day job? Or maybe perhaps you are wasting your employer’s time. Just asking, not assuming. Seems I have to spell things out for you many times. I’m retired and got plenty of time in between stuff I do on the computer during the day. It seems that all of you have plenty of time on your hands.

          • I also denounce anyone who is rude and used vulgar language to try and communicate with their elected officials. However; there is absolutely no evidence (at least none provided here) that anyone participating in the civil protest Sunday has had anything to do with whatever situation you keep referring to, and that you seem to think the poor behavior of a few negates or somehow nullifies the message of the many. Mr. Smith has been absent in our district for too long and has ignored requests to have a town hall. He has not said no, he has simply ignored them. At least he has not responded to the phone calls and emails I have sent. I also find your repeated pointing out that someone cursed at “female staffers” as curious – no one should be subject to rude behavior, their sex has nothing to do with it. In what is unfortunately becoming a typical argument for Trump supporters, you are trying to argue against our exercising our civil rights and our protesting Mr. Smith’s prolonged absence in our district into something that has nothing to do with it, in this case, the supposed poor behavior of a few. Unless you witnessed people cursing and intimidating anyone on Sunday, your argument makes no sense. I am inclined to believe that your toothless arguments and name calling has much more to do with your fears and insecurities, as another respondent noted below. After all, a million snowflakes make a blizzard.

          • A) I was not a Trump supporter B) Yup, there ya go with “sex” has nothing to do with it. IMHO, it’s more vile when a woman is subjected to it. There is just no respect. But you are correct, it shouldn’t be done and IMHO The Congressman is right to protect participants in Town Halls from such possible behavior. And there you go again, assuming that I have insecurities, in an effort to minimize me and make my comments seem worthless. I assure you, I am NOT an insecure person.

          • Not insecure? I think thou doth protest too much. I am sure Mr. Smith’s attendees would appreciate your wanting to protect them from possibly hearing curse words, but perhaps you should best let them decide for themselves? A town hall is needed and being called for, and if anyone is rude, I am sure Mr. Smith would be able to handle them and or have them removed. The subject matter is Mr. Smith and his lack of visibility in our district and lack of response to having a town hall and responding to his constituents. You continue to make the conversation about things that it isn’t – it isn’t about you nor is it about what you report someone said or did when they phoned his office. If you don’t like what we have to say, stay off the boards and away from our protests. We are speaking to our elected officials, as is our right, and will continue to do so. Fortunately, we don’t need your approval or permission. Have a great day!

          • Stop, you don’t even know me and you are taking words out of context. Typical liberalism. Destroy the person (calling him insecure) rather than defeat the argument. For the last time, I said “it was an attempt to bully me” out of the conversation, It was an ATTEMPT, and since I am still here, it was unsuccessful. This, I guess I am not insecure, eh? Now, I’m retired, don’t you all have day jobs?

          • Look up ‘bully’ in the dictionary. Not even close to what happened here. Bullying is a jerk leaning on your car, which is an act of presumption and physical intimidation, not someone suggesting you edit or delete a post, for crying out loud.

            You still refuse to answer the question: do you agree that constituents have a right to meet with their representative or not? And if the representative refuses to even reply to the request, that the constituents have a right to continue their request?

            Simple question, Jim. But you don’t answer it. Why?

          • Leftists bully. No denying that. Yes, constituents have such a right, but I’ve answered this question before with the codicil, no; not when there is a chance for misbehavior and childish antics. Considering the phone calls to the office, and leftist actions at other town halls this year I believe Chris Smith has a right to say no. Are we clear on that for the second time?

          • And I hate to engage with people that are clearly antagonistic to our side. Again, you call out the quality of my person hood to get me to back down. Sorry, this is a platform for free speech and that’s another tactic of the left, trying to shut down their opposition.

        • Let me see if I understand your principles:
          a. Protesters are accountable to you for their schedules.
          b. You conducted a pre- and post-protest survey with the attendees and found no change, thus proving that public dialogue is useless.
          c. That media coverage is a goal in itself, an ego trip, and not a channel through which important messages can be transmitted to the public.

          Do I have you down correctly?

          Let me ask you 2 simple questions, and I do hope you answer them.

          1. Do public officials have a responsibility to be open to their constituents, allowing for a wide open public discussion of issues pertinent to the future actions of the officials?
          2. That if constituents request a reasonable opportunity for public discussion, and are not granted one, or even given the courtesy of a response, they have a right to continuing to request it as they see fit, within the bounds of civil discourse?

          • To answer your questions, 1) IMHO, nobody should hold a town hall if there is a great chance that participants will act up and the preponderance of the evidence recently has shown the the left has a predisposition for doing just that.
            2) See # 1

          • Look at Leonard Lance’s 2 town halls and tell me what evidence you see. No court in the world would agree with your preponderance theory of the case, nor is ‘acting up’ even a thing — what is this, pre-school? We’re all grownups here, Jim. I would say the level of discord was about the same as a typical Jersey deli in the busy hour. If that’s too much for you, I don’t know what to recommend. Frankly, the rough give-and-take is one of the things I like best here. My guess is, that’s true for you, too, but you’re trying to score some pinky-teacup points here, and no one’s buying it.

  4. Does anybody know where Smith pays his taxes and where he is registered to vote? Does he vote in New Jersey, does he pay income and or property taxes in New Jersey? Or does all his tax dollars go to Virginia?

  5. There were certainly anti Trump signs there, I personally saw them. These are the same kind of people who are calling into Chris Smith’s Congressional Offices and cursing at staffers, female staffers to boot, walking into offices and scaring the hell out of those same staffers. Someone please tell me why he should meet with people like that. At the brunch, Smith spoke of many accomplishments, many that these protesters would be happy with. But acting like children? No.

    • An assumption about others only accomplishes one thing. Mr. Granelli, from what I see here, your objective is not to discuss, but to incite anger. They call people who do this trolls. There is no time for taking your bait, our country and our constitution is under attack from within.

      • So, this is an open platform with the inferred right of free speech. Calling someone a troll is an attempt to suggest I don’t belong here. How dare you. I have a right to comment here. You are just trying to minimize the opposition. “Our Constitution Is Under Attack From Within?” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Most liberals would not even know what the Constitution is and means if it hit them in the face as evidence by Al Franken’s outrageous comment “My Constitution Is Different Than Yours.” There is an original intent to the Constitution, it is NOT a living and breathing document as liberals would like to believe. Taking my bait? You all have.

    • Again, let me see if I understand you: you, and possibly Chris Smith, have now separated yourselves from Trump such that signs against Trump do not somehow ‘belong’ at a protest against Smith? Is that right? What was it that led to your awakening — the incompetence, the greed, the vengeful pettiness, the endless, often pointless lying, the personal lack of dignity and respect for the office, or the Putin puppetry?

      Maybe I’m misunderstanding something.

      • What I was responding to was the comment that was originally made about Trump comments. People surely have the right to protest and I will admit you were all peaceful, but again, this kind of activity did not occur when Obama was elected. It seems the left just can’t handle the fact that Hillary was a very flawed candidate and ran a horrible campaign, and that Trump won.

  6. Let me ask the snowflakes a couple of questions. Did you really think you would change the minds of attendees? That wasn’t going to happen. Do you think your antics at other town halls earn you the opportunity to attend a town hall since you can’t act responsibly? Do you think your cursing at female staffers on the phone and walking into the Congressman’s offices, scaring the hell out of those staffers earn you respect? NOPE. All you are doing is pushing more people further away, especially independents.

    • Just to be clear, are you saying that attendees’ minds could not be changed about whether Chris Smith should attend at town hall? I don’t know why that would be true, I doubt you have any proof of its veracity, and I’m willing to bet that a majority of the District would like the Congressman to attend a town hall. And why wouldn’t they support it, such an essential part of American Democracy having been hallowed for hundreds of years?

      As others have already done, I condemn any uncivil act in the public arena, any attempt to intimidate or discomfort anyone, including the actions you allege, which were not committed by any members of our group. I would ask you, as Neptune Township Republican Organization Chairman, to similarly condemn any of the hateful and intimidating actions taken by members of the Republican Party and its elected and appointed officials, such as blaming Jews for the desecration of Jewish cemeteries; the many insulting and inciteful references to LGBTQ people; the suggestion that an American judge with a Hispanic heritage should recuse himself from a case involving the President; the ignorant, resentful, and entirely unsupported accusation of Trump Tower wiretapping by the previous President; and … gee, there’s so many. Let me know when you and every other Republican, avowed Nazi or fellow traveler, has apologized for these ones, and we’ll work on the rest on a schedule so you can pace yourselves.

  7. Now, I’ve had fun here today. Never planned on winning an argument. However, I do like to draw people out and expose them for being hypocrites, expose their politics of personal destruction. Snowflakes? If you can’t handle that, I’m not the problem. But attempting to shut someone down, inferring something about their personality, that’s things you have a problem with. Adios. It’s time for dinner. We’ll see what happens in 2018, but I suspect you will all be on the losing end because most Americans are tired of the antics we see from the left. BTW, I have good Democrat friends, and they say the same thing. Antics like we have seen are pushing people, especially Independents away from the Democrat Party. JFK, who I would have voted for if I were old enough is probably rolling in his grave now.

  8. I just found this article and boy do I see some real hate here from the left. All you ultra libs do is twist words because you simply can’t handle the idea that you lost and that your positions are being attacked. Nothing but a bunch of liberal kooks.

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