Sources: The Guadagno/Piscopo Ticket Option

Would Joe Piscopo want to be Kim Guadagno?

At least two Guadagno allies think so.

They went to the former Saturday Night Live star in recent days and felt him out about his interest in running for lieutenant governor if the current LG, Guadagno, wins the Republican nomination in June.

The fact that the GOP has already gone past the half way mark of the conventions cycle has most GOP sources convinced that Piscopo won’t pull the trigger on a statewide run as a Republican, hence the approach from ginger-footed Guadagno partisans.

“There are legitimate concerns [in Guadagno world] about Joe running as an independent,” said one GOP source, who speculated to InsiderNJ that if the teasing radio shock jock host jumps into the race as a third party candidate in a Guadagno match-up with already dominant-positioned Democrat Phil Murphy, “Game over for Kim.”

A February Fairleigh Dickinson poll gave GOP front-runner Guadagno an 18 percent to 12 percent edge over the second place showing comedian.

A longtime political insider digested the news nugget with a shrug.

“It really would make it more lively, though maybe too much voltage at the bottom of the ticket, but she needs voltage to get close to a win anyway,” the insider offered.

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