Sources: West New York Hopeful of North Bergen Self Combustion

As the political offspring of state Senator Nick Sacco try to one up one another in an attempt to get the king’s

Future Congressman Rodriguez?

attention in North Bergen, neighboring West New York sources say they’re praying for Sacco city to divide and conquer itself to enable the political ascent of Commissioner Gabe Rodriguez.

“That’s a West New York seat,” a source told InsiderNJ, referring to CD8 and the congressional throne currently occupied by U.S. Rep. Albio Sirez, a former West New York mayor.

Having stared down twin indictments, West New York Mayor Felix Roque is, in the words of one North Jersey democratic Party operative, “really feeling his oats” now, and doesn’t intend to allow Sacco-world to absorb the congressional seat if and when Sires retires.

Sacco  built his reputation as a political boss by being able to say “No” firmly and as often as necessary to any number of retainers clinging to him and whispering in his ear. Now, West New York sources close to Roque gleefully hope that a diner booth rivalry between Sacco loyalists Joey Muniz and Anthony Vainieri will finish off North Bergen as a contender for the seat WNY craves for its own backyard.

“That’s Gabe’s seat, not Julio’s [Marenco’s],” a West New York source insisted to InsiderNJ, noting the Sires seat.


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