South Jersey Rattled by a Possible Sacco Insurrection


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Democrats have not yet completely cemented leadership spots in the Legislature, leaving a few handful of powerful players in the north to ponder possible battle scenarios, including the empowerment of state Senator Nick Sacco (D-32) to the office of senate president.

South Jersey is confident that they have the votes and connective political tissue to retain Senate President Steve Sweeney (D-3) on the throne of upper house power. But Hudson sources fear the vaporization of Hudson power in the Legislature in a post Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-32) world, and rather than surrender, they are sizing up those relationships built by the respected senator (and North Bergen mayor)  from the 32nd District.

Sacco made Prieto, or so many insiders would argue, so with Hudson  perilously close to losing everything – the consequence of the county backing flamed out gubernatorial candidate Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop – why  not mount up with Sacco for one last charge at the gates of South Jersey power, sources say.

Over the last number of days, South Jersey operatives heard about phone calls testing a Sacco leadership run and immediately went on  heightened alert.


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