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The MAGA-crowd is an optimistic group.

So convinced they are of their man’s greatness that everything revolving around Donald Trump is always wonderful.

Elections can’t be lost. If they are, the fix is in.

Trump can never be convicted of wrongdoing. Again, if he is, the fix is in.

A rally in Wildwood drew 100,000 people, even though it didn’t. (I was there; the crowd was large, but 100,000 on the beach, and thousands more watching from the Boardwalk, were a fantasy.)

All this comes to mind when digesting Bill Spadea’s now-official plans to run for governor.

In his announcement video, Spadea said what he’s said many times when travelling around New Jersey.

And that is: Republicans in New Jersey should be pro-life, pro-Second Amendment and pro-Trump.

As has been his practice, Spadea ridiculed so-called traditional Republicans, identifying Jack Ciattarelli by name. For some reason, he ignored Jon Bramnick.

He also said some in the party dislike him because he is an “outsider” and can not be controlled.

All this bravado comes from the belief that Spadea’s aforementioned views can win statewide elections in New Jersey.

Here is where over-the-top confidence loses to reality.

Those views lose elections in New Jersey.

Trump got about 41 percent of the vote in the state both times he ran for president.

Since Trump came upon the scene, we have seen a number of Republican candidates embrace the former president.

One thinks of people like Hirsh Singh, Phil Rizzo and most recently, Christine Serrano Glassner. All lost, in some cases, multiple primaries.

If a MAGA candidate can’t even win a statewide or congressional Republican primary, how can they win a general election?

In speaking to supporters, Spadea likes to say there are “more of us” than there are “of them.”

It’s a catchy line, but the facts just don’t support it.

Making next year’s gubernatorial contest even a greater challenge for Spadea is that Ed “the trucker” Durr, also says he’s running. Durr and Spadea would appear to share the same ideological street corner.

And the enthusiasm of the MAGA-supporters. notwithstanding, that corner is just not very large.

Spadea is a charismatic fellow, but his path is not going to be easy.




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