Stack Boots Romano from Fundraising Event at Waterside


The elevator door at Waterside had barely opened when Hudson County Freeholder Anthony “Stick” Romano found himself staring into he eyes of the man of the hour – and not in a good way.

State Senator Brian P. Stack (D-32) had his fundraising event at the popular North Bergen spot with a view of the New York City skyline, a view Stack was happy to share with nearly everyone – except Romano.

“Out,” he told the freeholder, who’s running for mayor of Hoboken.

“It was more like a turn around and leave finger motion,” one source recounted.

Romano didn’t try to argue. He turned right around and left.

The door to the elevator closed and bore him back to earth, leaving the revelers of Stack World to party without him. Stack is irritated with Romano over the presence of his own local political enemies at a Romano event earlier this week.

Sources told InsiderNJ that Stack subsequently undertook an anyone-but-Stick jihad, working the phones and attempting to pry Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) types away from Romano’s candidacy.

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