Stack for HCDO Chairman

By Al Velazquez

It is a honor to work and be part of the Stack Administration. He worries about the smallest detail to the biggest projects. He personally visits sites and loves to learn. Say what you want, but #unioncity pumps through his heart and the 33rd district through his veins. He will bring the same passion as Chairman of the #HCDO..

To all the county committee people, you will get know a man who will call you daily, help with resources and use what no one in  the #hcdo ever used…..a heart. A heart with compassion for all nationalities and minorities to be welcomed with open arms.

All he is asking for a chance to show everyone in Hudson County how getting to know committee people and actually caring really works. He is proving to the establishment that a committee person is an important function and really sets the tone.

Remember “they had no use for you personally only your vote.”

So vote with your heart and not because you were told who to vote for.

Alejandro Velazquez is a member of Team Stack.. 

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  1. How to be come a guess contributor? I would like to write and submit an opinion.

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