Stack Leaves the Union City Area Trailing an Entrourage of Hoboken-Expectant Operatives


The black cars with tinted glass flew out of Union City and the environs of LD33 and into the nighttime swampland of Northern New Jersey, tailing the fast-moving lead sedan that carried the familiar elusive figure of state Senator Brian P. Stack, who was rumored tonight to be at the verge of calling his choice for mayor of Hoboken.

They gathered into an unnamed eatery as the bespectacled sphinx-like presence seated himself at the head of the people, and everyone prepared for his long waited mile-square city pronouncement.

Would Stack endorse…

Jen Giattino

Ravi Bhalla

Anthony “Stick” Romano


Mike DeFusco?

They all leaned in and awaited the senator’s selection. But Stack was coy, spending a longer than usual period of time as he reviewed the menu, apparently weighing the worth of the entrees against the usual nightly Coach house fare.

Hudson County operative Mark Albiez, chief of staff to Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, was in the room.

Al Velazquez, Union City’s GOTV animal, was in the room.

Willy Miqbel turned up.





Stack merely leisurely perused the menu in silence and then, with all ears craned in his direction, finally cleared his voice to speak.

“Coffee,” he said.

A source at the soiree told InsiderNJ that Stack said nothing further of interest, or of note. Pressed on whether he feels compelled by any of the mayoral candidacies in Hoboken, the source added, “Zero lean.”

Regarding ongoing buzz about senate president and whether a potential vacancy would create an opening for the Hudson animal, the source added, “Zero interest.”

“He’s local,” the bland text responded.


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