Stack Set to Endorse Fulop for Reelection in Jersey City


State Senator Brian Stack poses with the cellphone that started it all.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop will try to get through this election cycle without getting his hair mussed. Although his detractors insist that whatever dislodged him from the gubernatorial race will come back and haunt him locally, others say his biggest concern on his way to securing a second term will be maintaining all his council allies on the local governing body.

In any case, whichever proves true, Fulop will have a big leg up on reelection thanks to an endorsement this week from Union City Mayor (and 33rd District state senator) Brian P. Stack.

The irrepressibly organized Stack oversees the northern heights of Jersey City and intends to put his stamp on Fulop with a resounding endorsement come Saturday, complete with a reenactment of the signature battle sequence from Mel Gibson’s Braveheart – or at least something similar.

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