State of Affairs Examines Violence Towards Women in Politics and Proper Representation

Debbie Walsh, Director of the Center for American Women and Politics at the Eagleton Institute of Politics, Rutgers University, sits down for a conversation with Steve Adubato about violence towards women in politics, female representation in office, and why it matters in New Jersey. Recorded 6/20/23

Steve Adubato asks Debbie Walsh why the number of women not running for re-election has increased this year. Walsh responds, “It is a record year for women not running for re-election, and there’s a mixed story. Some of them have been serving for quite a while and they’re tired and they’re moving on. Some have had some health issues. A couple we know are not running again. Sadaf Jaffer, in particular, has called out misogyny, and anti-Asian, anti-Muslim hate as part of why she is not running again. After one term. That’s something we have to look at and we have to look at in a hard way, not just here in New Jersey, but across the country because it’s one thing to elect women to office, but it’s another thing to retain them right, and we have to make sure that these spaces in these environments are places that women can stick around.”

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3 responses to “State of Affairs Examines Violence Towards Women in Politics and Proper Representation”

  1. What violence against women in politics??? This is another canard by the radical Feminists in New Jersey. I bet these same purported “feminists”, who hate men won’t talk about the 800lb. Gorilla in the Room–That men are victims of Domestic Violence in almost 50% of all domestic violence cases. These are not “pie-in-the-sky” statistics. This comes from the FBI, DOJ, CDC, and major scholarly studies, reports and analyses.

    In fact, men are being subjected to domestic violence by women (and gay men) with guns, knives, bludgeoning, being run over by vehicles, poisoned, suffocated, etc. as “equalizers”. Women violence has been on the increase for the past 10 years, where women are becoming more and more violent.

    Again, I don’t see anywhere in the article where women were violently accosted by male counterparts. This is another radical feminist “gaslighting” to promote the propaganda that domestic violence is only a women issue.

  2. Your “data” on Domestic Violence is totally made up and clearly pulled from your nether region where your head seems to be firmly lodged.

    Bottle up your victimhood and rage and label it “2023 vintage whine”…

  3. So, I’m reading the above two comments and I shake my head.
    Have we not all read about gratuitous violence up and down the state? Do we not recognize and agree that a certain and specific segment of society views threats and intimidation as a means to and ends? Failing to somehow achieve a forced outcome these individuals turn to acting out their deepest frustrations in displays of violence.
    To somehow intimate that the facts and data are manufactured and skewed as these comments reveal exemplifies the problem better than the Insider could have ever articulated.

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