Statement from Governor Murphy on Terrorist Attacks in Israel

 Statement from Governor Murphy on Terrorist Attacks in Israel
“Tammy and I are sickened by the videos and images of Hamas terrorists attacking, killing, and kidnapping innocent Israel civilians in an unprecedented coordinated series of terrorist attacks during Shabbat and the Jewish holiday of Simchat Torah. Over just a few hours, dozens of civilians, including women and children, were killed or kidnapped and hundreds more were injured by thousands of rockets launched from Gaza.“The world must unequivocally condemn terrorism against innocent civilians. Just likeany country, the State of Israel has a right to defend itself and rescue hostages who have been kidnapped.“As a state with one of the largest Jewish and Israeli American communities in the world, today’s news is especially hard to fathom. As Governor, I stand with the people of Israel in this dark hour in a united show of resolve against terrorism. I have stood with Israel since the first day of my Administration and have proudly visited four times as Governor. It is a country we hold dear to our hearts, sharing an unbreakable bond with New Jersey. “Tammy and I deeply share the pain that so many are feeling today in Israel, New Jersey, and across the world. We are praying for all the victims, their families, and the people of the region, who deserve peace and security.”
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One response to “Statement from Governor Murphy on Terrorist Attacks in Israel”

  1. Phony Phil Murphy stands with Israel. He condemns the terrorism. Good words.

    He and his liberal cronies in Congress have enabled not only Iran but Russia and China as well. Murphy made NJ a sanctuary state.

    Domestically the democrats like Murphy have allowed some 2 million illegal aliens in to the county, advocated for anti-police and no bail policies, approved massive spending. How many terrorists have entered the country in the past two years? No one knows.

    Murphy and others simply play games for political purposes. He says what is needed to score political points. Yet he said nothing about those celebrating the attack on Israel. He says nothing about the so-called squad blaming Israel for this attack on Israel. He says nothing of efforts to protect NJ from potential terrorist actions.

    Our leadership in NJ is more concerned with global warming, lgbtq garbage, assisting illegal aliens, taxing and spending etc.

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