Against Statewide Backdrop, Linden Council Tables Anti-Marijuana Ordinance

The Linden Council today tabled an ordinance that would ban the legalization of marijuana facilities in the town, originally scheduled for this evening.

Backed by Councilman Peter Brown, an ally of Mayor Derek Armstead, the ordinance would appear to undercut state Senator Nick Scutari (D-22), the Legislature’s leading proponent of legalizing recreational marijuana.

Scutari and Armstead remain at odds, the bad blood between them intensified in the aftermath of Scutari ally Councilwoman Gretchen Hickey’s June citywide loss to Armstead.

But the banning of medicinal facilities in Linden lacked traction on the governing body. Two companies are said to want to set up shop and obtain licenses.

Councilman John Francis Roman posted the following on Facebook this afternoon:

“The Marijuana Ordinance has been tabled indefinitely. It will be re written to exclude medical marijuana and will probably come back at next months Council Meeting. So presumably, next month Linden will vote to ban legal marijuana facilities within the borders of Linden. I will post again to notify you on what happens next month.

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