Steinhardt Zaps Whitman Ahead of Her DNC Appearance

NJ Republican Party Chairman Doug Steinhardt
Below is a comment from NJGOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt on former New Jersey Governor Christie Todd Whitman’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

“Politics is about making choices. Tonight, Governor Whitman made the choice to ‘appear’ at the


Democratic National Convention, speaking on the same evening as Socialist Bernie Sanders.  I don’t begrudge her that right, after all, this is America. But, no one in America should ever think that Christie Whitman represents the values of the New Jersey Republican Party.

“Governor Whitman can argue that she’s putting country over party, but she endorses a Democratic Party that supports lawlessness, treats the U.S. Constitution as an obstacle, would defund and disband our police departments, makes our communities less safe, and makes our State and Country less affordable.

“After she completes her endorsement of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris tonight, she should complete her change of party designation form tomorrow,” Steinhardt added. “We’ll gladly donate the postage stamp.”

From Dustin Racioppi’s story:

A lifelong Republican, Whitman has become in the era of Trump one of the few outspoken conservative voices condemning the president for his policies and actions while in office. She has called him “unfit” for democracy, compared him to dictators, supported his 2016 Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton and regularly criticizes him on Twitter. She also partnered with former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara on a project focused on civility and restoring political norms.

“She will talk about how she is a lifelong Republican, but believes Joe Biden is the right choice this year,” said Heather Grizzle, a spokeswoman for Whitman.

Whitman’s speech is scheduled for around 10 p.m., Grizzle said.

Whitman making her appearance tonight in support of Biden.
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3 responses to “Steinhardt Zaps Whitman Ahead of Her DNC Appearance”

  1. Calling Whitman a “conservative voice” is an oxymoron. She was never and will never be conservative and, hopefully, will change her voter registration to the party she belongs – Democrat. I found it funny that the DNC let one of the worst governors in NJ history speak. Strange that she didn’t mention her time at EPA? How was the air at Ground Zero? Whitman and your joke writer Steinberg believe in an alternate universe where they can have everything their way and no one is allowed to have Republican or conservative views.

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