Steve Adubato and Sen. Vitale Discuss Expanding the Statue of Limitations on Sex Abuse Crimes

Steve Adubato and Senator Joseph Vitale (D) – NJ, Chair of the Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Committee & Vice-Chair, Senate Labor Committee, discuss the sexual abuse cases in churches and what Vitale is doing in NJ to implement new legislation to expand the statute of limitations. The Senator also explains how they are working to protect the Affordable Care Act in NJ. 


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  • Henry

    Interesting, although it’s a substantial problem with the Catholic Church, nothing mentioned about the Boy Scouts, teachers and other abusers. Is it by design with Vitale?

    What Vitale really wants is government UNIVERSAL run healthcare. Obamacare is an unavoidable disaster! I believe Vitale’s profession is printing, where did he receive his medical credentials? Doctors abhor Obamacare, socialist love it!

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