Stockton University Poll: Murphy Leads Guadagno by 18 Points

Stockton University released a poll today showing Phil Murphy leading Kim Guadagno by 18 points, receiving 51% to her 33% among likely voters, with 7% preferring an independent or third party candidate.

The poll shows Guadagno’s name recognition of 69% is higher than Murphy ‘s of 62%, but the Lieutenant Governor has a lopsided approval rating of 31%-37%, while the Democratic candidate’s approval rating 36%-26%; Murphy registers a 5% higher approval rating than Guadagno.  

“Property taxes are always a major issue in New Jersey, and Kim Guadagno is hammering that point,” said Sharon Schulman, executive director of the Hughes Center. “But it’s difficult to overcome voters’ strong negative feelings about the Republican governor and president.”

Guadagno’s eight years as LG seems to have little effect one way or the other on her overall standing in the race: 31% said it would make them more likely to vote for her, 31% said less likely, and 35% said it makes no difference.  

More voters think Murphy’s Wall Street experience is negative rather than positive, the poll shows: 15% say it would them more likely to vote for him, 29% less likely, but a majority of 55% saying it makes no difference.  

To see the full Stockton Poll, go here.

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