Street Fight Breaks out Between Khalique and Akhtaruzzaman Forces in Paterson

Call it street for scandal. This was not only a social distancing violation in Silk City, but an actual bring out the bats episode two days before the vote-by-mail deadline in the Tuesday, May 12th election.

Running for a Ward 2 seat in one of the most competitive ward elections in Paterson, former Councilman Mohammed Akhtaruzzaman says three men affiliated with his rival’s campaign beat him up on Sunday, while his incredulous rival, Councilman Shahin Khalique, says Akhtaruzzaman instigated the violent street collision.

A man running toward the camera with a stick, pictured above, is an Akhtaruzzaman backer, according to an eyewitness, proof that the former councilman’s own forces contributed to the mayhem and were, they said, the perpetrators.

In his recollected version of the event, Akhtaruzzaman says he was standing on a street corner when a

Former Councilman Akhtaruzzaman
Former Councilman Akhtaruzzaman

vehicle approached him.

He says Councilman Khalique was in contact with his alleged assailants when a bat appeared.

“He sent three guys,” Akhtaruzzaman said. “One guy hit me with a stick. He was on the one with Khalique.

They broke the candidate’s glasses, he said.

The police came and he’s filing charges, he said.

“This is an election,” said Akhtaruzzaman. “This is not a fighting war.”

Khalique says his rival’s version of the collision is a pure and desperate fabrication.

“This is nothing but a lie,” the councilman told InsiderNJ, responding to is rival’s Facebook account of the incident. “A young kid went there to distribute [literature]. An out of state van, his supporter, came up from behind. That kid called me.  They attacked my volunteer. Mohammed is in the van blocking him. …It’s nothing but a lie. He knows he’s losing. He’s trying to create a distraction. His people, they’re the ones, creating trouble.”

Paterson, Sunday.
Council President Davila

Council President Maritza Davila, a Khalique backer, witnessed the Bengali- American versus Bengali-American fracas.

She said Akhtaruzzaman’s people did indeed spark the episode.

Paterson Police officers were also on the scene.

“I’m saddened by it because at one time I was an Akhtaruzzaman supporter,” said Davila, sticking by Khalique.

As of this weekend, more ward voters had participated in the 2nd Ward election than voters in any other of the city’s wards in the lead up to tomorrow’s deadline.

There is a third candidate in the contest: Frank Filippelli.

Photo courtesy of Paterson Times
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7 responses to “Street Fight Breaks out Between Khalique and Akhtaruzzaman Forces in Paterson”

  1. You can take the people out of Somalia, but you can’t take the Somalia out of the people.
    (used only as an example) .
    Assimilation to a civil society is key, and unfortunately it is not a requirement to emigrate to the U.S.

  2. I thought I was reading about some shit*** in the Middle East until I saw the word Paterson. disgusting bunch of morons. how did we ever let people like this in the country in the first place. and then people wonder how Trump got elected. These scum are certainly not going to make America great any time soon. What Paterson needs, if it can’t get it’s act together-is a good fire, like Rome burning during Nero’s time. I wonder how many of these scum are illegals? Get them out of here, whatever it takes.

  3. When the whole of America is a Third World Shithole do the liberals spike the ball and proclaim, “We Did It”.

  4. I don’t understand how an author can write an article like this, and how the sources can make their claims as they state them, without ferocious incredulity regarding the intimidation and potential violence. The only possible explanation is that this event is unsurprising and not a sharp break from previous norms. THIS is why suburban Americans need to turn TOWARDS cities and foster MORE government support for positive interventions and support. When you neglect them, even for “reasonable” fiscal responsibility, this is actually what you get. The shootings in Chicago, the gangs dominating LA, Muslims threatening violence in Paterson, this is all what thrives in the ABSENCE of continual engagement and investment in the “inner” cities of the USA. Let’s not be stupid as a country. These places need POSITIVE national leadership and a strong attraction of such places to adopt national cultural norms.

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