The Strongest Ten State Senators Based on Primary Vote Totals


A straight-up comparison of primary election vote totals discounts district-by-district factors that produced those totals, thereby minimizing unbridled celebration or heartbreak without context.

But consider the fact that state Senator Brian P. Stack (D-33) had no (real) primary opposition and still emerged a convincing victor when assessing the totals of all primary-surviving 40 senators (or senate candidates).

There were other factors in other cases (we’re not saying they’re the only factors).

Here are the raw numbers and the ten candidates – from number 1 to number ten – who fulfilled them, according to the New Jersey Secretary of State’s Office:

LD33: Brian P. Stack. 20,952 votes.

LD34: Nia Gill. 16,303.

LD27: Dick Codey. 15,144

LD6: Jim Beach. 14,344.

LD15: Shirley Turner. 13,783.

LD7: Troy Singleton.* 13,434.

LD28: Ronald L. Rice. 12,090

LD31: Sandy Cunningham. 12,089

LD18: Pat Diegnan. 11,461.

LD4: Fred Madden. 11,349.

LD22: Nick Scutari. 11,326.

  • Assemblyman Singleton is not a senator yet, but is running for the seat currently occupied by retiring Senator Diane Allen (R-7). We included Senator Scutari’s numbers to show the results of an even ten current senators in order to accurately reflect the headline.
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