In Suddenly Erupting Sussex, Scott Paul Goes Toe to Toe with Dawn Fantasia

Scott Paul

Earlier this month, InsiderNJ columnist Fred Snowflack wrote a piece about the colliding worlds of

Commissioner Fantasia
Commissioner Fantasia

Sussex County Commissioner Dawn Fantasia, a Republican incumbent, and rapper turned Democratic Party challenger Scott Paul.

Today, Paul is firing back after Fantasia criticized his work product.

Some context from Snowflack:

Scott Paul is both a musician and a Democratic candidate for Sussex County commissioner.

Those two seemingly disparate worlds are now colliding.

Republican Dawn Fantasia, one of two GOP incumbents seeking reelection to the five-member board, this week presented a review of both Paul’s campaign platform and his music.

Headlined “When words fail, music speaks,” Fantasia termed the lyrics of a Paul creation, “Never Get Boring,” as vile and disgusting and degrading women as nothing more than “playthings” for men.

Below, printed in full, is Scott’s retort to his rival:

“Commissioner Director Dawn Fantasia and her group of cronies have launched a coordinated personal attack against me, where she calls me childish names, claims I hide behind a facade, and reduces my character to the criticisms she has of my genre of music.

“This attack comes days after her running mate, Commissioner Chris Carney, made headlines for a perceived threat he made against a female constituent. This is a blatant attempt at taking attention away from the unflattering press surrounding them after the October 5th Candidate Forum hosted by the League of Women Voters.

“The debate was preceded by GOP appointed Commissioner Chris Carney getting exposed for texting ‘This b**** doesn’t know what she is in for’ about a constituent he would be seeing at the event. Toward the end of the debate, Commissioner Director Dawn Fantasia acknowledged the harsh reality of racism in Sussex County, but indicated that she chooses not to take any action to dismantle it because of her ego. The candidates were asked what our plans are to make Sussex County more inclusive and welcoming, because of its ‘reputation of being highly bigoted.’

“‘There is a problem, but another layer to that problem is words that are said to us. Because the words you want to come out of my mouth, aren’t your exact words, I’m a bigot.  I’m done with that nonsense. That’s why you get no traction.’ – Dawn Fantasia.

“As a Sussex County Commissioner, it is her responsibility to represent ALL constituents.  Ms. Fantasia admitted to understanding that this major issue terrorizes BIPOC in our area, but conscientiously chooses not to confront it because she is personally offended by words used in the conversation. I, at no point, referred to Dawn Fantasia as a bigot or racist. That is a conclusion that she stumbled upon by herself. People in power who actively befriend, uplift, and defend Oath Keepers, Proud Boys, and confederate flag wavers, people who spend tax payers money fighting against anti-hate resolutions, and people who ignore Black constituents who have directly asked for support in fighting racism DO NOT GET TO CRITICIZE ART THAT BLACK PEOPLE CREATE.

“It would seem she believes that her years of getting a check, to serve as administration for an out of County school with a Black student population, somehow exempts her from caring about the Black people that she is elected to represent here in Sussex County. Fantasia, the newfound feminist, forgot to be outraged when her running mate texted, ‘This b**** doesn’t know what she is in for’ to one of her constituents just two weeks ago.  She forgot to be outraged that the president she praised for 4 years boasted about ‘grabbing em’ by the p****’, cheated on each of his wives, paid-off porn stars while with his current wife, or that he has accumulated dozens of sexual misconduct allegations against him.

‘Ms. Fantasia forgot to be outraged about all of that, but she is suddenly outraged about lyrics in a rap song from a year ago. In my closing speech at the debate, I said ‘Sussex County needs problem solvers, not problem deflectors or deniers.’

“This received a warm reaction because that is what our residents have become accustomed to and frustrated by — elected officials unwilling to take responsibility or face issues head on.  Our businesses are failing, our residents are leaving, our internet lags behind most of the nation, but hey, let’s talk about rap lyrics. I never hid behind a facade. I can’t be held responsible for people who are unable to see beyond the box they’ve put me in.

“Men and women from Sussex County, from all backgrounds and political affiliations, encouraged me to run because they want real people fighting for real progress in every avenue. I am here to work for every person. Especially the ones who have no one fighting for them. Especially the ones who are being consciously ignored. November 2nd is approaching and I am excited to be part of this shift towards collaboration and innovation that we are witnessing in Sussex County.”

Scott Paul is a Democratic Party candidate for commissioner.

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