Sue Altman Promises Victory in CD-7 over Tom Kean

A number of liberal groups rallied outside the Statehouse in support of raising income taxes on millionaires. Though Gov. Phil Murphy supports a millionaire's tax and polls show a majority of voters do as well, Senate President Steve Sweeney does not, even though he voted for it during Chris Christie's administration.

Sue Altman today announced her CD-7 candidacy via Twitter.

“Game on!!! Proud to announce I am running for Congress in my home district of CD-7. It’s time to fight… and we will win!!”

Executive Director of the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, Altman wants to depose U.S. Rep. Tom Kean, Jr. (R-7).

Last year, Kean defeated incumbent U.S. Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-7), who does not plan to run next year. columnist Jay Lassiter first speculated about an Altman candidacy here, and The New York Times teased her announcement here.

Wrote Lassiter:

“The state director of NJ Workers Families Party, Sue Altman has battled MAGA conservatives and Machine democrats her entire career. That makes her a seasoned fighter, a stark contrast to a Tom Kean Jr, whose low-key comportment sometimes comes off as listless and indecisive. Ms. Altman might be best-equipped to hammer home the ‘Tom Kean Jr. is a lapdog’ narrative by highlighting Kean’s fealty to the self-serving men who run his party such as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and former NJ Governor Chris Christie.

“It’s one thing to remind voters that Tom Kean Jr and Marjorie Taylor Green have nearly identical voting records. It’ll take someone with message discipline like Sue Altman to land that punch and make it stick.

“Political campaigns are all about the matchup, namely who triumphs when the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses collide. Junior v. Altman seems like a very good matchup for the Democrats, especially if Kean ends up sharing a ballot with Donald Trump.”

From Politico last year:

“Altman is a former Republican who rose to prominence in progressive circles by attacking the vaunted South Jersey Democratic political machine and its unofficial leader, George Norcross. She’s also a leader in the effort to do away with the ‘county line’ in New Jersey primary elections in which candidates backed by county political parties bracket together and get favorable ballot placement. Opponents of the ‘county line’ got a major boost late last month when a judge ruled their lawsuit could move forward.

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2 responses to “Sue Altman Promises Victory in CD-7 over Tom Kean”

  1. What has she done for people of
    Color? Where is Vida Neil; Keith Benson; Amir Khan and many others who were abused; ignored and tossed aside for jobs and promotions. White leaders in NJ are racist. Both dem and republican. Seriously. They use people off to their own agenda. Norcross uses people
    Of color for votes and to divide. White people are all the same when it comes to the disregard for people
    Of color in NJ. They give nothing if you have a dark tan.

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