Tammy Murphy: ‘I’m Not Sure a Male would be Asked this Question’

RANDOLPH  – If your name was still Tammy Snyder, would you be getting tons of political and financial support for your U.S. Senate campaign?

That was the first – and very blunt – question asked of First Lady Tammy Murphy during an appearance Thursday night before Morris County Democrats.

Murphy, whose maiden name is Snyder, could not have been surprised at the query. Nepotism already is a major concern among rank-and-file Democratic voters with the June primary on the horizon.

Her main competitor at the moment for the seat held by the indicted Bob Menendez appears to be CD-3 Rep. Andy Kim.

The First Lady stressed that she’s been fully involved in New Jersey political life for the last six years.

She added that she’s been to Morris County nearly three dozen times and that she knocked on doors with local state Senate candidate Christine Clarke, who was in the audience.

That won’t change,

“I fully intend to be on the ground and earn every single vote,” she said.

Murphy said she was thrilled with the support she has been getting from many party leaders, asserting that it is “not because my husband asked, but because I asked.”  And she said she’s getting it, because of her work over the last six years.

A bit later in the question-and-answer session at County College of Morris, Murphy suggested that questions about her fitness and qualifications for the Senate are gender related.

“I’m not sure a male would be asked this question,” she said.

Murphy said her professional background includes working in the finance industry, living and working overseas and as First Lady, leading trade and economic missions on behalf of New Jersey. She also said she has experience as a mother and would bring a woman’s perspective to the Senate. She would be the first woman senator from New Jersey if elected.

There, of course, is nothing new about family ties in politics.

As Murphy mentioned, here in New Jersey we have Menendez and Menendez (senator and House member) and also, Tom Kean and Tom Kean (former governor and House member).

Nonetheless, the fact that the wife of the governor is seeking a U.S. Senate seat is not going away,

“I’m a big girl. I knew what I was getting myself into,” she said.

How about real issues?

In truth, they’re probably of secondary concern here.

Murphy talked about her support for abortion rights nationwide,  banning so-called assault weapons, strong measures to combat climate change and immigration reform that would couple border security with a path to citizenship for “Dreamers.”

Few Democrats are going to quibble with that.

On foreign policy, Murphy backed supporting Ukraine and a “two-state” solution in the Middle East.

“How about a ceasefire?” a young woman yelled from the audience. This was out of order, but moderator Amalia Duarte, the county’s Democratic chair, allowed the question.

Murphy said she opposes an immediate ceasefire, given the fact Hamas still holds hostages.

This prompted the questioner to storm out of the room in an apparent huff.

There were also questions from representatives of Fair Ballot Alliance-NJ, which opposes a “county line” in the state.

Murphy said she will follow the law in regard to county lines.

As was noted, the current tradition in which party-endorsed candidates get favorable ballot positions is not a law. It’s a policy of individual county political organizations. Because of her many endorsements, Murphy stands to get a lot of “county lines.”

And speaking of politics, Murphy grew up as a Republican. Why is she now a Democrat?

She said her father was a small businessman and that she grew up in a conservative household. Still, she had liberal views on such issues as women’s reproductive rights.

There was a time when many Republicans were pro-choice. No longer.

Saying she eventually realized that she was a Democrat, Murphy either by design, or coincidence, used a line that Ronald Reagan used years ago – from the other side.

“The Republican Party left me,” the First Lady said.




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26 responses to “Tammy Murphy: ‘I’m Not Sure a Male would be Asked this Question’”

  1. The time when Republicans were pro-choice was 1980, when Ronald Reagan put the Republican Party on a trajectory that led to the overturning of Roe v. Wade. Tammy Murphy was a voting and contributing member of the Republican Party until 2014. She was 48 years old. Was she not paying attention? She was still voting in Republican primaries when her husband was an Ambassador to Germany in Obama’s administration! When she said last night in answer to a question about climate change that “some people believe in it and some don’t, AND THAT’S FINE,” it seemed to me that Tammy is still a Republican at heart, just not a Trumpian. We have a real Democrat to vote for in the NJ primary. Andy Kim is the experienced candidate who will not put this seat at risk.

  2. Taking advantage of unfair ballot designs is not only a decision county chairs can make or not make. The candidates themselves can choose to have fair ballots, as opposed to unfair ballots. Would we allow one candidate in a race to plaster the polling place with their banners and literature? That is in effect what the rigged ballots do–they take the support and endorsements of party organizations into the voting booth. Ms. Murphy can legally choose to do the right thing. She can call for fair ballots, not file bracketed petitions, and not accept invitations to bracket. If she agreed we could have fair ballots in the Senate primary tomorrow. But she won’t. She do the wrong thing, because the law allows it and the Murphy’s have decided that the Senate seat now belongs to her. https://newjerseymonitor.com/2024/01/12/how-did-n-j-end-up-with-sen-bob-menendez-in-the-first-place-our-ballot-design-is-the-culprit/?fbclid=IwAR3c79lAJqX3wJCbe6c2-sFcSrD8NqJCqvVDvA6VBcQChXuAl0zMAqF_Ckw. Vote Andy Kim for US Senate on June 4th.

  3. As far as climate change, which is largely a question of physics, James Lauter, who won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on quantum entanglement, says there is no climate emergency. As does Patrick Moore, co-founder and former president of Greenpeace

  4. Nepotism Baby – Sadly, No one has really ever cared about Pregnant Women’s Rights to a Healthy Birth.
    Ever Sadder – about Only one person in the audience claped while Mrs. .Murphy shared how the bills her husband signed and others passed in Trenton- moved NJ up statistically from almost last in the nation to (still a dismal place) in the center of all the 50 states at mid 20’s.
    Mr. Snowflak your article didn’t even touch , not even a mention – of her sweet spot topic- her refrences when asked questions almost always returned to it, she even bragged about her husband passing bills to advance improving NJ health care for Pregnant Women. Not realizing with every share of “Phil” how distasteful the Nepotism waa to the audience.
    Tammy Murphy spoke about her dedication and passion for Improving Maternity Care in the State of NJ probably too much for the crowd at CCM. She doesn’t know her audience, the citizens of NJ are interested in a Myriad of other topics, any other topic except her expertise and all the years as the Governor’s Wife allowed her to focus on, Unpaid as Mrs.Murphy pointed out.
    Well Many Childbirth Activists in the state have worked years and years Unpaid , unseen and never given a place at the Hospital Corporate tables – unless protesting and demanding it. That does not qualify the Activists to be a politician- and definitely Not starting at the level of a Senator.
    The legitimate concerns of NJ having to many unnecessary surgeries (Cesareans) , deaths of Black Women and Women of color in childbirth as compared to White affluent women , unnecessary inductions, episiotomies and a small number of healthier vaginal births after a Cesarean are All areas needing improving.
    NJ citizens are difficult to engage in concern that only is about a fraction of the population at any one-time. SE
    Lack of RESPECT for women is how we got to be one of the worst places in the US for Maternity Care.
    Regarding what the Next Senator of New Jersey can bring to the job. Nj needs – Someone With Experience, Not someone privileged and definitely not another politician getting voted in because of Nepotism. Andy Kim ares about NJ – his children were born in NJ , go to public schools and Tammy Murphy’s endorsement would help further improvement to get Maternity Care Improved to be First in the Nation. Tammy deserves much recognition and gratitude for her advancement improving Maternity Care , just not the office of Senator.

  5. Robert Borelli’s comment about James Lauter having won a Nobel prize in 2022 or ANY year is entirely false.

  6. In the responses to the article, Robert Borelli’s claim about James Lauter is totally false. Does he even exist? Disappointed that Insider News didn’t factcheck this outrageous claim.

  7. Andy Kim is great, but he should stay in Congress because running for Senate is leaving the seat vulnerable and we will lose his Democratic seat to a Repubican in Congress. They re-disistricted for him to have an easier time getting re-eleted.
    And shame on you for attacking another Democrat! What’s wrong with you? Other Politicians have switched parites and I didn’t see people attcking them.
    GET THE FACTS AND DO SOME RESEARCH before you mske ridiculous comments.
    (FYI : I do not hve a polictical job and I don’t need to say this like many others on here commmenting. )

  8. Where was your comment and opinion sbout this last November, and all the Novembers before that? Do you need to keep your political job/ or are you just bring it up now becaue a woman is running for Office. it was a rhetorical question and don’t bother answering because it is quite obvious you would not tell the truth.

  9. We’re asking these questions because you’re unqualified and only here because your husband used his influence as Governor to get you on the ballot. Period.

  10. The Nobel Prize in Physics 2022 was awarded jointly to Alain Aspect, John F. Clauser and Anton Zeilinger “for experiments with entangled photons, establishing the violation of Bell inequalities and pioneering quantum information science”

  11. Tammy Murphy seems very nice and capable. But NJ does not need another uber-wealthy (out-of-touch) politician in his or her office because of nepotism. Phil’s done a decent job as governor, but we all know he got the nomination because he’s rich, not because he was the best choice. Let’s just agree not to do that again.

  12. We need more conservative voices in the Senate, not the Governors voice coming out of his wife’s mouth! We’re trying to repair what the Democrats have done to destroy this country, not make it worse. We need Republican votes to get law and order back in our country and stop having prosecutors releasing guilty offenders. We need our borders closed. Democrats believe in open borders and flooding our country with immigrants! It has to stop.

  13. Carol – I’m unsure who your comments are responding to, but I am responding to yours. On September 23, 2023, Andy Kim put his CAREER on the line when he announced he would mount a primary challenge against Senator Menendez. He made this announcement after Senator Menendez’s indictment and response “he wasn’t going anywhere.” Why did Mrs. Murphy wait so long? Did she have to get those guarantees from the county leaders that they would support her as soon as she announced after the November election? I admire Mrs. Murphy, but how can you say she is not running on her husband’s coattails? He still has almost 2 years left as governor and is in the position to either reward or hinder those in the counties who do not support her. The optics for this maneuver is politics at its worst. Also, you say CD3 was re-districted so Andy would have an easier time to be re-elected? Hate to tell you, but he increased his vote received % from 2018 to re-election in 2020. Why? Because he is the real deal and works for everyone which is what makes him a valuable representative. You are correct, his loss as a representative will be felt; however, his not getting a FAIR BALLOT choice to become our next Senator would be worse. If Mrs. Murphy does the right thing and agrees to a fair ballot approach with ALL democratic candidates blocked together, AND she wins, I will campaign for her. However, being on “the line” means she has at the very least a 35% advantage over every other candidate. You can be sure, I will be out there educating the democratic primary voters to look to the far column and choose ANDY KIM.

  14. Like so many others I am not in support of Tammy Murphy running for this Senate seat and having a favored position on the “line.”. Research has shown that it conveys a 38% advantage. A Senate seat does not come along very often.With a 6 year term most Senators are in office for quite a length of time. Andy Kim, Congressman from South Jersey has wide expertise in foreign policy having served as a civilian advisor in Afghanistan and as part of the National Security Council in the White House. He has won 3 congressional terms. He is ready on Day One. In terms of qualifications Mrs. Murphy does not compare and yet has the favored position on the ballot. She has worked hard as First Lady and her efforts are appreciated. However, she is not the right person for this particular position at this time.

  15. It is beyond insulting to the women of this state that Ms. Murphy accuses us of being sexist because we dare challenge her lack of qualification for the most powerful Federal position a state Rep can hold. The women I know who are supporting Andy Kim over Murphy, and who I have worked side by side with, have been the same women who were largely responsible for flipping congressional seats in 2018 and holding them in 2020, and getting her husband elected Governor twice— we are not dumb, we see and understand how the powerbrokers and the machine headed by her husband gave us Kean by literally drawing Malinowski out of NJ7 and how it. is now annointing her over a loyal, experienced public servant by manipulating the ballot— the women of the grassroots of NJ are not sexist or anti-woman, we are supporting a candidate that has proven to be self-less and patriotic, as well as a supporter of issues that are important to us, Andy Kim has represented NJ3 and NJ overall honorably and in doing so he has earned our vote and support.

  16. The key statistic Tammy Murphy cites as evidence of her success is that New Jersey has moved up in the national ranking on one important measure, maternal deaths.

    “In just three years, the state has gone from ranking 47th in maternal deaths now to 29th. We’ve got a long way to go, but we’ve made real progress on this initiative and so many others. And I’m really proud that New Jersey is now a safer place give birth to a child,” her campaign announcement video said.But this is a mirage. That sudden jump isn’t because New Jersey improved, said Dr. Ravi Johar, a chief medical officer with United Healthcare, which produces America’s Health Rankings. It’s because other states are doing worse. They’re now seeing more maternal deaths from factors like drug abuse, covid and gun violence.

  17. Well Tammy, if Andy Kim’s wife was Governor, he would be asked a lot of questions about his personal fitness for the job too. It’s not about sexism, it’s about nepotism.
    Attend any of Andy Kim’s events, and he gets asked questions on many subjects. He has intelligent, informed answers for all of them and never blames anyone else.

  18. Will Tammy Murphy Help The Retired Police and firefighters get there cost of living back,No raises in 14 years

  19. So, the candidate claims that she “… would bring a woman’s perspective…” to office which, presumably, she considers a qualification.

    So, in 2017, when she had the chance to vote for an eminently well-qualified woman running for Governor, or a spectacularly unqualified man, for whom did she vote?

  20. Mrs. Murphy, please run for Congress, not the Senate (yet). No doubt you’ll be good once you have some fundamental experience as an effective legislator. When I think of an effective legislator today, I think of our three term Congressman Andy Kim. Regarding your qualification as the Governor’s Communications Director: sorry, I’ve not felt communicated with but communicated at. My repeated mails to your office–even as a committeeman–have been ignored. Meanwhile Andy Kim’s office, as his constituents attest, has answered everyone’s emails and phone calls. He also holds regular, monthly town halls in our district with bi-directional communication. I’ve asked for these from your office for years and have been ignored. And honestly, the way this Senate race is being run feels like yet another one way edict from the Governor’s office–as in “vote for my wife, or else.”

  21. Your comments are spot-on. T.M.s
    starting at the Top (the Senate) is absurd! It reminds me of another under qualified candidate who ran for President, with NO experience in a political office! Not even a Local election under her belt! No…start with the most powerful position, other than POTUS. Does this seem strange to
    anyone else? And, she was a REPUBLICAN until six years ago! REALLY? I have so much more faith in Andy Kim, an experienced Washington Congressman, with a degree in political science, former military advisor in Afghanistan,
    Rhodes Scholar, State Dept. Diplomat and worked as an advisor in the National Security Council!

  22. To Jo Sippie-Gora’s personal attack on Robert Borrelli mis-identifying James Lauter having won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics and claiming there is “no climate emergency”, it was John Clausner, who won the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics and stated there is “no climate emergency”. Sippie-Gora left out that tid-bit of information.

  23. First Lady, Tammy Murphy proudly made the Science of Climate Change an academic requirement in New Jersey’s public schools. This was celebrated as a first in the nation accomplishment. But, what about the Science of Reading? Certainly, you can not understand climate change or any other subject matter , if you can not read. Priority and common sense seem to be lacking, to the everyday voter regardless of identity . We deserve better decision making.

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