Teaneck Deputy Mayor Katz Files Petitions To Run For Re-Election in November

Incumbent Deputy Mayor Elie Y. Katz today filed petitions to run for Re-Election in the November 8th election. Katz, who previously served as Mayor of the township, has a lengthy list of accomplishments over the past 25 years for residents that he would like to continue to build upon to help improve their quality of life.

“The residents of Teaneck deserve the absolute best services,” said Deputy Mayor Katz who has spearheaded eight “zero tax increases” approved by the Council. “It has been an honor to serve and help my hometown these past 25 years grow into the beautiful community that it is today. But we still have more work to do whether it be constructing a new DPW for our residents, investing in our parks and in our infrastructure, or continuing to rehabilitate abandoned lots that help hold the line on taxes. After this difficult pandemic, it is important that we keep moving Teaneck forward so that our hometown can continue to be a beacon of positive, productive change that is affordable and enjoyable for working families and their children.”

While serving on Council, Katz has helped author eight “zero tax increase” budgets in a row; helped create millions of dollars in new ratables; authorized paving a record number of roads; supported improving infrastructure through rehabbing the municipal complex and building required venues such as the sportsplex in Votee Park; encouraged the township to save hundreds of thousands of dollars by joining the Joint Insurance Fund; supported upgrading municipal parks for children and their families; increased programs and transportation for seniors; increased recycling and confidential shredding for residents and worked on the public health emergency partnership with Holy Name Hospital that helped administer more than 170,000 COVID-19 vaccines at the Rodda Center; helped make Teaneck a Veterans Friendly Community; worked with our Township Manager to hire its first Korean-American library director; and helped with the BLM mural and a Si Se Puede mural to honor Hispanic Heritage Month.

“Elie Y. Katz has served all of Teaneck and given a voice to those that need one,” said Councilman Keith Kaplan who is also running for re-election on November 8.  “His experience is an asset to the Council and I look forward to serving with him for years to come.”

“I am excited to support Deputy Mayor Elie Y. Katz for re-election and encourage my family, friends and neighbors to vote for him as well,” said Councilman Michael Santiago Pagan, the first Latino elected to Council. “Elie has been there for me and the Latino community every step of the way and knows full well the importance of including growing communities like ours in the process of making our hometown the incredible place it is for our children.”

“With so many projects still in the works, I look forward to Deputy Mayor Katz’s continued leadership on the dais as we push them forward to completion,” said Deputy Mayor Mark Schwartz.

“I’ve known Elie Katz for most of my life and we are both lifelong members of the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps,” said Councilwoman Karen Lew Orgen. “Our fathers worked together for the good of Teaneck and Elie has spent his life continuing that good work. Having Elie’s experience and knowledge is an incredible asset to the operation of the Council and township and is vital to the continued progress of our hometown as we continue to move Teaneck forward.”

Deputy Mayor Katz is a public servant, businessman and lifelong member of the Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps.  He served as the Mayor of Teaneck from 2006 to 2008. Katz was elected to the Teaneck Township Council in 1997. He was elected Mayor of Teaneck in 2006, making him the youngest person to serve in that office. Katz served until 2008. Katz served as deputy mayor in 2016 when Lizette Parker died in office. He thus filled in as acting mayor for several months until the town council elected Mohammed Hameeduddin on July 1, 2016.

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  1. My grandparents owned a house in Teaneck where my sisters and I visited many times in the 1950s. I had forgotten about Teaneck until I saw the series “Model America”. As a trial lawyer for 41 years, words cannot express the disgust I feel towards the “leaders” of your community, especially those in office now. I’m sure my grandparents would feel the same way if they were alive. Of particular mention for grossly despicable conduct is Mr. Katz. He showed himself in word and action to be a callous racist without any shred of empathy or decency. Anyone thinking about voting for this candidate should consider very carefully before supporting such a lack of integrity embodied in this foul, obnoxious creature.

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