Testa Defeats Andrzejczak in LD1

Cumberland County GOP Chair Michael Testa.

Republican Mike Testa is victorious in LD1.

A deacon, teacher, and wrestling coach, Lower Twp. Mayor Erik Simonsen in his closing remarks after a hard-nosed performance, said he likes and loves his opponents.

Unofficial results show that the Republican attorney from Vineland has beaten incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Andrzejczak (D-1) in the marquee match-up of the season, in the lone contested senate race in 2019.

A Republican co-chair of the Donald Trump 2020 reelection campaign in New Jersey, Testa defied the South Jersey Democratic Machine to ensnare the win and grab the senate seat formerly occupied by U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-2).

Andrzejczak ran as the head of the Van Drew Team in a Republican district.

Not only did Testa win, but he appears to have pulled in his running mates, fellow Republicans Erik Simonsen and Antwan McClellan, who beat Democrats Bruce Land and Matt Milam.

Cape May crushed every single Dem.

McClellan’s historic win would mean that when he is sworn in come January of next year, he will be the only African American Republican in the New Jersey Legislature.

Two-thirds of the LD1 Republican Team: Testa, right, and McClellan.
Two-thirds of the LD1 Republican Team: Testa, right, and McClellan.

Although Testa singled out Governor Phil Murphy, his win also dealt a blow to the vaunted South Jersey Democratic Machine, whose leader, George Norcross III, poured his own money into the General Majority PAC that attacked Testa and his team.

Testa’s win was somewhat reminscent of Chris Brown’s 2017 state senate victory in neighboring LD2, where the Republican senator picked off a seat the aftermath of the death of Democrat Jim Whelan.

But The Cumberlander’s win this year carried the added boost of President Trump’s personal imprimatur in the rual South Jersey district.

Finally, Testa’s win hinged on his own talent.

Widely praised for his political acumen and for the race he ran against a well-organized machine, Cumberland County Republican Chairman turned Senator-elect Testa emerged tonight as a legitimate regional force for the Republican Party. His win also put on notice the 2020 releection-seeking U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew (D-2), a mentor and key ally to Andrzejczak.


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