The GOP Struggles to Field an Assembly Ticket in LD14


How the mighty LD14 has fallen for the GOP.

Once a battleground district that routinely produced split ticket results, Republicans this year so far have struggled to unearth candidates to run for the assembly in LD14.

“We’re going to talk about it,” Middlesex GOP Chair Lucille Panos told delegates tonight at the Middlesex screening.

To this point, Assemblyman Dan Benson and Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo appear have an easy general election ahead of them.

A Republican source told InsiderNJ that firefights in LD12, LD40, LD26 and LD24 have the full attention of the party leaders, who don’t have time to focus on LD14 right now.

At tonight’s screening, Panos also sought candidates for the 19th “because Wisniewski is gone, hallelujah.”

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