The Importance of Civil Education and Discourse for Future Generations, on State of Affairs

Director of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University-New Brunswick Elizabeth Matto, Ph.D., joins Steve Adubato to discuss the importance of civil education and discourse, as well as the current state of our democracy.


Steve Adubato talks with Dr. Elizabeth Matto about our Democracy in Danger and what she views as the greatest threat. Dr. Matto says, “I think my biggest concern is, you know, we’ve had years and years, generations almost, with young adults who haven’t had the civic education that previous generations had. I think what’s imperative, is that students have a really good sense of not just how to participate in American democracy, critically important, but what the norms, the values, what the attitudes of being a democratic citizen are. Lowercase d, democratic citizen. I think that’s my biggest concern, is that there isn’t necessarily a shared sense of what it means to have a liberal democracy.”

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