The Inner Core Workings of Governor Christie’s Proposed Budget

TRENTON – InsiderNJ obtained a copy of a Statehouse memo today containing details about Governor Chris Christie’s budget address, following the governor’s briefing this morning of Legislative leadership.

Here are the highlights:

* The Governor will tout the fiscal/economic accomplishments of his tenure (all jobs lost during recession have been recovered; record pension payments; TTF investment; State workforce down 14%; property leases down …)

* Will make the 5/10 pension payment of $2.5 billion, up from $1.86 billion (this represents 82 percent of all growth in the budget)

* Only revenue adjustments for current fiscal year are attributable to gas tax/sales tax; main revenue adjustments in May

* Assuming 3.6 percent growth in FY 2018

* FY 2018 Revenue – $35.6 billion; FY 2018 appropriation – $35.5 billion

* FY 2018 Surplus – $493 million (up 3.6 percent)

* Non-recurring revenue – 2 percent of budget

* FY 2018 appropriations – 72 percent State aid; 20 percent State gov’t costs

* Education funding relatively flat (no losers) $13.8 billion; up $500 million – formula aid flat; pension/benefits, debt service, and inter-district school choice aid up

* Governor will call on Legislature to fix school funding and address municipal PILOT issue

* Municipal aid flat w/ a shift of funds from Transition Aid to CMPTRA

* Higher ed funding remains flat

* TAG up 2 percent

* Charity care down $50 million ($25 million State/$25 million federal) to $252 million; GME up $218 million; total hospital funding of $708 million

* Governor will call on School Employee Plan Design Committee to adopt changes made by SHBP Plan Design Committee

* Governor will be looking for out-of-network transparency (this combined with the SEHBP plan design changes mentioned above to save $125 million)

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