The Sherrill-DeGroot Ad Clash in CD-11

Republican Paul DeGroot convened a press conference two weeks ago to say he has no problem with abortion regulations in New Jersey, where the tenets of Roe v. Wade are state law.

Yet, now we see a new ad by opponent Mikie Sherrill saying that DeGroot opposes abortion with no exceptions – the usual exceptions being rape, incest and the health of the mother.

What gives?

All campaigns are prone to exaggeration and there may be some of that here.

But it’s more than that. The politics surrounding the overturning of Roe v. Wade has been a boon to Democrats, allowing them to talk about an issue that’s much better for them than inflation. And whether it’s coincidental or not, poll numbers for the Dems and even Joe Biden have improved a bit over the summer.

Republican House candidates in New Jersey have largely avoided talking about abortion.

By that measuring stick, DeGroot deserves credit for doing so.

But now, his comments on the issue are fodder for an attack ad against him. DeGroot already has expressed annoyance at Sherrill for distorting his position on the issue. This latest ad is prone to exacerbate those sentiments.

Still, Sherrill’s ad is not necessarily inaccurate.

Let’s explain.

DeGroot’s view, as stated at his press conference, is that abortion policy should be made by the states. That is in line with the court’s ruling in June.

That’s why DeGroot said he has no problem with what New Jersey has decided on abortion.

Expanding that principle means the other 49 states can do what they want with abortion.

DeGroot said he would not support a federal abortion ban, nor would he support congressional action to codify Roe v. Wade nationwide.

Now we come to the foundation of Sherrill’s ad.

If you support states determining abortion policy, that means you’re comfortable, or at least tolerant, of whatever they do. You can’t have one without the other. And some states have indeed banned abortion with no exception for rape or incest.

When this came up at his press event, DeGroot insisted that his main focus was not Alabama, West Virginia, or any other state, but the 11th District of New Jersey.

Fair point, but Congress is a national body.

DeGroot quickly answered Sherrill’s ad by putting an audio of his press event on his Facebook page.

Asked if he thought states should be able to ban abortion with no exceptions, DeGroot says in the audio:

“Oh, no, no, no. There definitely should be exceptions.” He then listed the exceptions – rape, incest and the health of the mother.

Does that mean Sherrill’s ad is wrong?

Sort of.

Then again, DeGroot has established the fact he supports exceptions to abortion bans, but the larger point of contention is whether he supports Congress doing anything about it.

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4 responses to “The Sherrill-DeGroot Ad Clash in CD-11”

  1. Fred you fail to mention that his reasoning for not codifying for or against abortion is because he believe it would be overturned as being unconstitutional.

  2. Sherrill votes in lock step with AOC, Schumer, Booker and other radical liberals. Abortion has become the only issue for democrats. What other value has their policies provided.

    We have out of control crime, inflation, historic debt, threats from Russia, China and others, no southern border at all.

    Just once, ask Sherrill her position on illegal aliens and open borders. Regardless of her answer, it is her voting record that needs to be publicised

    She Favors Chain migration, Visa lottery, Amnesty for all illegals, Sanctuary Policy and other incentives, Birthright Citizenship, Benefits for illegal aliens.

    She Opposes Mandatory E-Verify, Border Security,
    Reduction of Total Immigration, Enforcement of current immigration law, Deportation of illegal aliens.

    Will someone ask some hard questions of Sherrill and all other dems.

  3. Sherrill is an empty suit. She votes 100% with Pelosi and the Democrats. She does not think for herself. She has not provided one acceptable bill to Congress. Supporters say her record shows she voted for a lot of bills. Sure, but those bills never got out of Congress to be signed by the President. They are dead letters. Sherrill runs around her District doing fluff pieces and does nothing of substance. It’s time to replace her with a Republican who will vote to reverse the economy, high inflation, higher and higher taxes, higher gasoline and heating fuel prices, closing the southern border to the illegal immigrant invasion from 167 countries (200,000 illegals per month is equivalent to 2 U.S. Army Groups per month) and those bringing in deadly fentanyl and stronger poisons killing over 100,000 Americans. And, she supports “woke” programs in the military which she didn’t have to face, causing our military to miss its quota for recruiting, making us have a weaker military and showing the rest of the world we are weak. Mikie Sherrill has got to go, and be replaced with a Republican who will do something to reverse the trend Mikie and her cabal are doing to destroy this country.

  4. I applaud Mikie Sherrill for her work in helping with some veterans but what about the families who have suffered with inflation, lack of baby formula, high gasoline prices, losses in seniors IRA (MINE WAS 20% SO FAR), the raise in mortgage rates, the flood of illegals into NJ taking jobs away from citizens, what about helping parents who are fighting against indoctrination of our children. OUR CURRENT HAS SAID NOTHING ABOUT ANY OF THE ABOVE! Either she is ignoring the many problems that the democrats have caused OR she agrees with them. Does she REALLY care about her citizens of the 11th CD or does she just want to continue expanding her bank accounts. Its up to the voters , I personaly want see her permanently retired and even prosecuted for her breaking of the law.

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