Think Tank Examines The Connection Between Child Care and Economic Vitality

Steve Adubato is joined by Asw. Nancy F. Muñoz (R) – NJ, Deputy Minority Leader, to discuss the New Jersey Statehouse Vaccine Mandate, Governor Murphy’s leadership throughout the pandemic, and the connection between child care and economic vitality.

Steve Adubato asks Asw. Muñoz if there should be a vaccine mandate for every member of the state legislature, and should they show they are vaccinated if they are? Muñoz responds “It’s a complex issue. I believe in vaccines, I’m vaccinated. I had all three including the booster, but I’m also a vaccinator.” She adds “whether we should mandate that every legislator have received the vaccine, we don’t mandate that anywhere else in the state. So if we don’t mandate that any place else in the state, do we require our lawmakers to be vaccinated?”

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