THIS is My Jury: The Trial of Mayor Bill Musto

Check out veteran defense attorney Joe Hayden’s personal recounting of the Bill Musto corruption trial in “The Art of the Jury Trial.”

The late Bill Musto, Mayor of Union City a state senator, and a war hero, got jammed up in a local corruption case, where then-Musto aide Bob Menendez testified against him.

Found guilty by a jury, Musto would go on to defeat Menendez in the local election, a day after his conviction.

“THIS is my jury,” the incumbent proclaimed.

A court determined that Union City would need another election.

The winner of that tilt?

Rita Musto, the mayor’s wife.

“If you saw it in a Hollywood movie, you’d think it was contrived,” said Hayden, a member of the defense team.

Musto was convicted and sentenced in 1982.

Discover all the “Only in New Jersey” details and find out what is worse than losing a case.

Hayden’s address begins at the 35:00 mark and can be viewed HERE.

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2 responses to “THIS is My Jury: The Trial of Mayor Bill Musto”

  1. Well Bob only tesified to save his ass since he was the one with shit on his tail. Amazing how it comes full circle. Bill was innocent. Bob was the real corrupt one!

  2. I knew Bill Musto. I hope he can see that that rat bas—d Menendez is finally getting what he deserves.

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