Trenton Councilman Blakeley Resigning

Trenton Councilman Jerell Blakeley will resign before the end of the month.

His letter to  Council President McBride:

I want to share with you my intention to resign from my position of Trenton City Councilman-At-Large, effective January 30, 2022, due to my acceptance of an exciting professional leadership opportunity that will necessitate my relocation from Trenton.

As a fifth generation native Trentonian shaped indelibly by our city and its many institutions, I have been proud to serve the people of Trenton, NJ as a Councilman-At-Large.  I am forever humbled and grateful for the confidence that my fellow Trentonians placed in me to help shape the shared future of our beloved city.

Serving Trenton in this capacity has been the honor of my life and the culmination of a lifelong desire to make a positive contribution to my hometown.   I will be forever impacted by the tenacity, sagacity, and humanity of the many Trentonians I have been fortunate to learn from and serve as their Councilman.

Even in the midst of significant contemporary challenges, I remain hopeful that Trenton’s future will be as glorious and prosperous as its distinguished past and the promise of the present.  I am confident that the resilience of our people and the strength of our civic institutions will allow the pregnant potential of our historic city to soon be fully realized.

As I enter the next chapter of my life, I will forever have Trenton and my many positive experiences as a member of its Municipal Council in my heart, blood, mind, and sinew.  I sincerely wish you, my council colleagues and the Administration wisdom, prudence, and probity as you all strive to enhance municipal operations and the quality of life of the 90,000 people who call Trenton home.


Jerell Blakeley

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