In Trenton, Worthy HQ Gets Burglarized; Police Reports Filed

Someone burglarized the campaign headquarters of Trenton Mayoral candidate Walker Worthy, Jr., according to the campaign.

Three separate incidents occurred the night of March 29, Easter Weekend and April 5, said the campaign, which filed police reports, and is in the process of purchasing surveillance cameras.

After the first incident, the campaign requested a greater police presence in the area. Campaign workers and dedicated volunteers are usually in the office, located at 12 South Warren St., during regular business seven days per week, the campaign said in a release. During the three burglaries, a computer monitor, keyboard, mouse and printer were stolen. Each time the burglar or burglars broke in, he/she or they opened and left the office refrigerator and freezer doors open.

“When the perpetrator walks right by thousands of dollars worth of tools on the building’s upper floors on several occasions to get to the campaign office to steal a keyboard, printer, monitor and disposable cell phones, I am left wondering what this suspect’s true motivation is, other than to disrupt or intimidate me and my supporters. But I won’t be deterred by this,” said Worthy. “I will continue to run for Mayor on the platform of improving public safety through community policing, hiring grant writers to generate greater funding for every city department, and redeveloping blighted vacant properties throughout Trenton. This experience of being burglarized only makes me more sensitive to the concerns of our small business community in Downtown Trenton, who need to feel safe, and feel that their businesses are being protected.”

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