Elmwood Park Mayor Frank Caramagna Under Investigation for Voter Fraud

Elmwood Park Mayor Frank Caramagna resigned from office after being charged by the Bergen County Prosecutor's Office with election fraud for filling in ballots for voters.

Elmwood Park Mayor Frank Caramagna is under investigation by the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, according to three sources.

The investigation relates to an alleged case of voter fraud, according to one source, tied to vote by mail ballots, a second source said.

InsiderNJ called the mayor’s office but could not reach Caramagna, who won his seat in 2017, the first Democratic mayor of Elmwood Park in 47 years.


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  • MrTeaspoon

    The Democrats in Elmwood Park are complete crooks. I also saw voter soliciting outside of Ganter Ave School, on voting day – a big sign on back of a truck that said to vote for Caramagna.

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