Trouble in Tammy Land: Just a Glass Jaw, or Does it Go Deeper?

Nobody probably ever voted for a candidate because they liked their campaign manager.

So the departure of Max Glass as Tammy Murphy’s campaign manager (first reported by the New York Times) is unlikely to sway the June primary.

But it’s not good news either.

Clearly, the departure is a visible sign of a campaign that is definitely struggling.

Murphy was behind by double digits in a recent poll by FDU, but that was just the start of her troubles.

She was beaten – quite convincingly – at the Monmouth County convention on Feb 10.

After last Sunday’s debate, her main opponent, Andy Kim, accused the Murphy campaign of trying to “bully” Democratic committee members leading up to this Saturday’s convention in Burlington County. The Hunterdon County convention is Sunday. Bullying really isn’t a good look.

Both counties, quite candidly, are far less important than larger counties like Essex and Hudson, but losing – from a psychological perspective alone – is not good.

So the conventions this weekend are important.

The overall problem here is an obvious one. Many rank and file Democrats say they don’t like the governor trying to make his wife a U.S. senator.

No matter how “Team Tammy” spins things, that really is the bottom line.

Suffice to say, whoever becomes the First Lady’s new campaign manager is not going to have an easy job.

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10 responses to “Trouble in Tammy Land: Just a Glass Jaw, or Does it Go Deeper?”

  1. Sometimes it’s the campaign manager. Usually it’s the candidate. I wonder what would happen if Tammy Murphy did the right thing and called for fair ballots? The gig of rigged ballots is up. She should get out of her bubble and support democracy. A new campaign manager should advise her to do this. She may not win this way, but she will do less damage to her and her husband’s reputations and to the Democratic Party, which we now all know she only recently joined.

  2. Tammy,
    Do the right thing and support the office box on the ballot. We deserve a fair ballot! Face it, you won the line in Essex and Hudson because your husband “strong armed” the political bosses. We all know money talks in Jersey. Yes, we don’t like your husband appointing you to the senate!

  3. I campaigned for Phil Murphy in 22. I hosted a campaign volunteer in my house for 4 months to help the Murphy campaign. Because he brought relevant and proven experience to the governors race. I am horrified by the way the Murphys are trying to win Tammy a Senator’s seat…while she’s worked on good initiatives, she has nowhere near the experience or track record that Congressman Andy Kim has, and watching the way in which the Murphy machine is peddling influence is the opposite of the democratic ideals that I believe in, and vote for. Andy Kim will be getting my vote at the Burlington County Convention this weekend.

  4. I agree with the fact we need to eliminate ballot stuffing, ballot drop boxes and Dominion and Smartassmatic computer voting machines in elections in New Jersey. These 3 mediums are how election fraud is and has been committed in New Jersey for some time now. Ask former gubernatorial candidate Jack Ciatterelli about that. We need ONLY paper ballots with voter I.D. on one day–Election Day–and all votes counted by Midnight, or if they’re are not all counted by Midnight, they are eliminated.

    If France can do it with 30 MILLION voters in their national election for President, we sure as hell can do it in a statewide election for a U.S. Senator where only 4 MILLION voters are involved.

  5. Zero chance for Tammy Murphy here in Essex County. This entire campaign is an affront to us all. Shame on her & Gov Murphy for using the power at their disposal to try to usurp the will of the voters. I look forward to voting for Andy Kim in the primary & again in November.

  6. Tammy Murphy may be a nice person but I don’t believe she should be forced on us by her husband. I’m a democrat and I voted for her husband. I won’t be voting for her. She hasn’t earned my vote.

  7. Yet another rich Democrat buying her way into an office for which she has no qualifications. Then again who says quailifications are needed to win in Jerseyt? Just a fat checkbook.

  8. Tammy Murphy refuses to support fair ballots. That’s it for this voter and everyone I know here in Essex. The line system supports corruption. I support the transparency of Andy Kim’s campaign, and I also hope that this election season forces a reassessment of ballot design and the anti democratic endorsement process.

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