Trump: ‘We will Shut Down Deadly Sanctuary Cities Such as Newark’

President Donald J. Trump promised to begin on day one “the largest domestic deportation operation in the history of the country.”

“When I return to the White House… We will shut down deadly sanctuary cities such as Newark and Philadelphia. We will not let criminals come into those cities. And we will not let them release illegal criminal aliens into your streets.”

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4 responses to “Trump: ‘We will Shut Down Deadly Sanctuary Cities Such as Newark’”

  1. President Eisenhower called it “Operation Wetback” and used the military to remove 2 MILLION illegal aliens. Trump will use the military to do it on a grander scale. Some say 10 MILLION will be removed. Others say 15-20 MILLION will be removed. These illegal aliens are NOT Americans. They are traitorous parasites seeking to destroy us all, so they can vote for Democrats and get free entitlements.

  2. Some pretty wild accusations from a MAGA extremist. Let’s all face bigotry and prejudice with the truth whenever it’s ugly head surfaces. And let’s remember what it was like for most of us when our parents and grandparents arrived and faced such ugly rhetoric and behavior. People come here to in search of safety and a better life and are willing to work like dogs to achieve a modicum of comfort and hope for a better future.

  3. Google unclaimed social security benefits. At least 13 billion or higher each year paid into social security. SS will run out of money far sooner if we removed illegals from our workforce. Illegals work for less pay, no benefits, less or no safety. “Thomas Jefferson” posts hateful thoughts without facts or even decency.
    Here in NJ the Germans, Irish and Italians were not wanted and major efforts were in place to remove their nasty genes from the supposed good gene pool. Silly and sick.

  4. Idiots, THEY ARE ILLEGAL. They are cutting the line many people and their families wait on for a decade. How hard is this to understand? And they are often ex convicts and those released from jail. They do not come here for freedom, or american way of life. THEY ARE COMING FOR $$$$$$$$$$ Wake up and smell the coffee you naive fools! They could care less about America. In many cases they hate America but know they can collect $ instead of living poor in their own country. That is why countries like Singapore give work visas valid for 3 years and force them to go back to their country to reapply. You can work here but you can’t stay here!

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