U.S Rep. Tom Malinowski Discusses Run for Re-Election on State of Affairs

U.S. Rep. Tom Malinowski (D) – NJ, 7th Congressional District, joins Steve Adubato to discuss the midterm congressional election and his run for re-election.  He covers pressing topics including the criminalization of abortion, the national supply chain issues, the state’s economy, and inflation.

Steve Adubato asks Malinowski about the issue of abortion. Malinowski says “It’s important because we’re all Americans. I may live in New Jersey, you may live in New Jersey, but we all have people we love, people we care about who live and work and study in other states. For half the states in this country this is the way it’s going right now, to be passing laws that treat women and doctors as criminals for making healthcare decisions that were perfectly legal in this country for 50 years…of course that’s an issue for all of us.” Recorded 9/20/22.

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