The (Unofficial) Gubernatorial Petition Count

The Division of Elections reports the following number of petition signatures submitted by these gubernatorial candidates:


Democrat Philip Murphy: 42,569

Democrat Jim Johnson: 12,750

Democrat John Wisniewski: 5,783

Democrat Ray Lesniak: 2950

Democrat William Brennan: 1,673

Democrat Mark Zinna: 1,430


Republican Kim Guadagno: 4,049

Republican Jack Ciattarelli: 1,674

Republican Steven Rogers: 1,698

Republican Hirsh Singh: 1,487

Republican Joseph Rudy Rullo: 1,352





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5 responses to “The (Unofficial) Gubernatorial Petition Count”

  1. This is silly. Petitions prove nothing. There are countless thousands of Rullobots who will walk barefoot on broken glass to get to the polls and vote for Rullo. Ciattarelli and Guadagno will split the RINO vote, and conservatives will elect Rullo to be our next governor.

    • You mean THIS Joe Rullo? The same Joe Rullo who used a wrong
      campaign address on a campaign filing, a property that has a lien
      against it? The same Joe “Zero Percent” Rullo who couldn’t even garner a
      speaking slot at the Monmouth County Convention because he couldn’t get
      enough County Committee Signatures? The same Joe Rullo, who’s campaign
      manager quit because was at zero percent.? This is the same Joe Rullo,
      who’s girlfriend said “he’s only running for Governor to boost his
      acting career.” Joe Rullo isn’t going anywhere except back to Toms River
      or where ever he lives now. He’s begging for $20 donations after
      boasting of receiving “a hundred donations in seven weeks.” That’s a
      municipal campaign level amount, not a Gubernatorial Campaign
      accomplishment to brag about. He’s not filed a campaign finance report
      since November and who knows if he’s raised anything.

    • It means that they made voter contact outside of “rigged” conventions. Rullobots, like Paulbots, are the real problem for the campaign. They’ve to learn to stop dragging their knuckles and to breath through their noses.

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